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  1. Every coach is playing for next year as well as this year. Surratt is not different than any other coach in that aspect. Henderson by 4. Lion70 I hope you are at least picking your team to win, when a new poster and a Kilgore fan is picking the Lions!
  2. I am not trying to convince myself that Henderson will win. Kilgore has their own problems, coaching which is the most important one....(wrong thread for that) I agree that Carthage is amazing, coaching staff, players, community. I wish you could have seen what Castle's defense did. A team that they let score 45 the first time was held to 14. So I think that Castle is good at making adjustments also. I am not for Henderson but I believe they can win
  3. I agree, it is really hard to say anything bad about how good Carthage is. It says a lot that the only thing bad you can say about them is the players not playing past halftime.
  4. This is said every week about the dogs. Are they getting better or are you seeing the same thing every week? Status quo?
  5. Would not say carthage has improved by who they have played so far in the playoffs. Who knows if Carthage has improved, besides "Surratt is the greatest, and Carthage always gets better" quote. Henderson beat a team that beat them by 10. I think they have proved they are not the same team. Guess we will see if Carthage has improved or has maintained the status quo.
  6. I agree, games like this where both teams know each other so well have a weird way of being closer than what is expected
  7. It will have to be Henderson's best game to beat Carthage. Also it will have to be Carthage's best game to beat Henderson. I expect another war for Henderson. Neither is scoring 60.
  8. I am unaware, what number is Rose? Also who are 44 and 99 on defense, they both are disruptive.
  9. I do think Carthage is the better team and has a better chance at winning it all, compared to Henderson. However, it would be a boring thread if someone did not find ways that Henderson might be able to win this game. Were both teams healthy during the last game?
  10. Very true. Kilgores problems last night on offense will not be the same for Carthage... mainly because Carthage understands that throwing the ball will loosen up the defense so you can run the ball. (I wish Kilgore would learn this lesson). I am sure Henderson will not be able to play the safeties in the box all night against Carthage. So I agree that the offense was bad. Carthage will score more points then Kilgore even thought about last night. I just have a hard seeing that Carthage will run away with this and assuming that Henderson is the same team as earlier in the season. I expec
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