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  1. I don't even care too much about these teams, but I stopped whatever it was I was doing in order to catch the first pitch. It feels good to have baseball "officially" start for this season :happy65: BTW, the new Nationals Park looks pretty nice...
  2. Just finished a classic: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
  3. I actually played football against Whittier. I remember laughing at the name then, and now again. Poets just don't seem to scare me that much... :ermm:
  4. Yeah, I remember seeing that preview before "Transformers" in the summer. I guess the ad campaign worked to get people remember a preview they saw half a year ago.
  5. Agreed. I don't know if I'll be able to watch it :no:
  6. Any of you see the movie "Cloverfield" yet? I liked it all the way up until the ending. I was a little disappointed by it. Just curious to see what ya'll thought.
  7. San Diego has had some classless acts thus far in their season. Rivers was trash talking Cutler when the Chargers played the Broncos, Rivers was yet again trash talking the fans in Indy, and now Olshansky has to say something before they play the best team in the league. Not too smart... Also, living in San Diego, I've had some time to observe the sports scene here. I am a 'Boys fan, and used to live in Texas. As I watch the Chargers and their fans, I've come to realize that they have some of the worst bandwagon fans out there. No one watched them when they were 1-15 years back, and
  8. I would recommend seeing this movie. It is pretty intense. The acting was great by Casey Affleck and Ed Harris, and it had a gripping story. It would be up near the top of my list.
  9. Jason Witten traveled with Romo, too. It's not like Romo was breaking any team rules or anything. It was the weekend off. This is blown way outta proportion.
  10. I am reminded of the difference of having one superior team play an undeserving, over-rated team in the bowl. Before the Rose Bowl I believed that USC was one of the hottest and best teams in the nation, and the game just reinforced my beliefs. But back to the team in question, Hawaii, as the thread title is, in fact, Hawaii, and not USC or Illinois... Hawaii played in the WAC and went undefeated. I thought hey, this team is undefeated with a good quarterback at the helm, maybe they have a shot against the Bulldogs, as we all remember what happened with Boise St/Oklahoma last year. Bu
  11. I am now reminded of the difference between playing in the WAC and playing in the SEC. This game got ugly real fast :no:
  12. In-N-Out burgers are some of the best out there. I recommend them to anyone who makes it out here on the West Coast. Sonic was my favorite back in Texas. They have a good breakfast, too.
  13. I liked the first one, so chances are I'll see this one.
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