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  1. Anyone else have a kid playing Jan 22 in the Blue Grey All American Bowl Game att AT&T stadium? My son will be on the East team. Just seeing if anyone on here has a kid on the same team.
  2. Where can I watch this game live without going to AT&T? I won’t be able to attend this game like I did vs Graham but I want to watch and cheer on PG.
  3. Awesome. We had a guy tossed for targeting this year and it definitely was not targeting. After watching the video on my sons Hudl Still didn’t change my mind. Guess if they leave their feet and have a good hit a flag is thrown is my only guess.
  4. Anyone have video of that targeting hit? I never saw a replay and I didn’t think it was targeting when I saw it. Who has a kid on PG that has access to Hudl and can post that play??
  5. #15 last night had some yards after contact that was just amazing. Whoever plays PG in state better learn how to wrap up fast because hitting PG RBs don’t take them out.
  6. I’ve got PG with the win this year. Their defense is pretty impressive. And their RBs have yards after contact like no other. You better know how to wrap up because trying to hit them and put them on the ground won’t work. Seen that 2 weeks in a row especially #15 and #21 they can take a hit and keep trucking.
  7. Who knows. Probably doesn’t even have a kid on the team just a resident in the slums from the way it looked. Several people that heard him just said don’t mind him. PG defense went to town. I saw some damn good coverage on the WR. And #40 wow a freshman. He’s legit and only gonna get bigger and better....
  8. Only one so he must just hate life. The rest around me and ones I spoke to were awesome and very humble. Let’s go PG represent and get that SC. See y’all at AT&T stadium to support y’all.
  9. PG congrats. I saw a team play some good ball even with some bad calls. Like ### on a few lol.. again those PG RBs are some downhill runners with massive yards after contact. That D for PG is bringing PG a State Championship next week. They made Graham’s QB move more than he has all year. PG fans were awesome as well with me sporting my Melissa shirt. Only one PG dad told me that all is Melissa losers should be on Graham’s side not PG. I will be there on th PG bandwagon again to say we lost round 4 to the State Champs....
  10. If someone has an extra PG hat for me I will sport it at the game I will definitely be there to support the team that ended our season. I will be at AT&T stadium to do the same for them. Word of advice Graham. PG O line can block and those RBs can really run the ball downhill and continue after contact. Then when you stack that box the QB is a silent spot on assassin drilling #4 on the outside. If and I say IF Graham can stop PG then I say they win SC. Whoever wins this game IMO will win SC. My money is on PG
  11. My son is a senior on Melissa. Out of all the games we have played he said the RB's for PG ran the ball harder than any team the last 2 years. Their yards after contact are better than i have seen on many teams. I will be at the game rocking my Melissa shirt on PG side. PG past Graham in a good game and then PG finishing as SC. They are legit. Not taking away from Graham but i just don't see PG being stopped if they continue to play like i saw.
  12. Oh and for the few passes PG QB threw they were some spot on throws with some great catches. Don't think PG can only run, they can throw too. Legit team here going to the SC IMO.
  13. Wanted to let PG know I am on the Bandwagon. Yall played an awesome game. I feel our boys gave up after the 14-0 and 3 starters getting hurt early didn't help out. You could just see them not playing their game. Not taking anything away from PG's defense because it is no joke and their RBs run downhill and keep driving. They do NOT go down easy. I will be coming to PG vs Graham to provide support for PG to represent Region 2. I will be wearing a Melissa shirt though sorry Prediction is PG by 7. Going to be one heck of a good game. Only complaint I have about the PG game was afte
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