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  1. On 11/14/2020 at 9:03 AM, regaleagle said:

    Here's their season schedule so you don't have to go look it up. Every team they lost to is a playoff team still playing.   They defeated Benbrook this past Friday in Bi-District 56-14.   Probably their easiest game all season.  Brownwood lost to Kennedale last night also.

    8/28   Sweetwater  58-32   W

    9/04   Lampasas     41-0     L      Got whipped......wasn't ready for this team.  

    9/11    Salado           61-45   L     Pretty good game between two good  teams.

    9/18    Melissa         65-58   L     Gave up  the lead late w/ Melissa scoring the go-ahead TD in the last minute in an offensive slugfest......what a game!!

    9/24    Dumas         46-33   W    Dumas is known for having a very good defense.  Stephenville just outscored them in this one.

    10/2    Brownwood  59-34  W     Stephenville is just better this season.

    10/9    La Vega         42-24  L     QB Rauls was back for LV.......enuff said.  

    10/16  Alvarado       56-21   W    

    10/23 Life Waxahachie 49-13 W

    10/30 Midlothian Heritage  42-27   L    Jaguars are very good.

    11/13   Benbrook      56-14   W    The Yellowjackets dominated from the opening kickoff.

    Looks to me like Stephenville is a very good team offensively and have had all season to shore up and improve defensively.  This team can definitely score lots of points against the best of competition.......that makes them very dangerous.  

    Rauls didn't come back until the Brownwood game.  

  2. 4 hours ago, F00tballfan said:

    PLC lost a bit but the QB got reps as a sophomore and the FB has been a 4 year starter. Basically the 2 most important positions to make triple option go. I just cant see why most posters think Calhoun is a pushover. Calhoun and Calallen will be the most physical teams LV plays this year and it seems posters are brushing them off. I look forward to this game as a measuring stick for calhoun but i expect LV to win late. 

    Calhoun and Calallen maybe as well be the most physical team LV see this year.  I can promise LV will be the biggest, fastest and most physical team either of those teams will face this season.    

  3. 4 hours ago, F00tballfan said:

    Hello everyone first post. I see alot of posters talking about Calhouns offense. I believe you will have to wait untill playoffs to actually see the triple option. Id expect Calhoun to run mostly I form with no actual "reads." There is a reason Calhoun runs the offense it does and its to slow down more athletic teams. They have played games against more athletic teams than La Vega while showing up with worse teams than this years and kept games close and won them. With that being said i fully believe La Vega is worthy of its #1 ranking and a very stout team! My guess is LV 35 Calhoun 28

    I would be very surprised if PLC scores 14.   The sandcrabs graduated most of there team last year and the flex bone has to be a well oiled machine for it to work well.  LV  will take full advantage any mistakes made by PLC.   To slow down teams you need to maintain possession of the football.  I guess we will see how well the sandcrabs can do that. 

  4. LV will be ready PLC, From what I can tell PLC runs the flex bone which is assignment football.  Hyde will have his player in the right spot doing what they are supposed to do, after seeing LV in 18 vs Liberty Hill and the discipline of LV defense in that game I'm not worried about the PLC offense at all.  

  5. 22 minutes ago, Aledo said:

    Idk how that turned out. La Vega is a good program but until they beat PLC and Calallen who dropped down from 5AD2 I will pick the teams I am more familiar will. 

    i would say not to good for LH in that game.  If you are a one dimensional team playing against  LV  it going to be tough going.  

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  6. 16 hours ago, Hagar said:

    Whether they can or cannot play with anyone is not the point.   The point is their mental attitude.  Unlike many teams, who’d know prior to playing LV, they were going to lose, WOS never appears to give in to that.   Btw, I’m not a WOS fan.  I’ve spent a lot of time watching them beat teams I pull for.   You’re absolutely right about one thing, will be a good test for both, and probably the premier Week 1 game in the State.   From what I’ve read, LV is loaded.   WOS scrimmages Vidor Thursday.   If I hear any tidbits, I’ll pass them along.   Just so looking forward to some HS football.

    LV scrimmages China Spring Thursday heard it a closed scrimmage.   

  7. 11 hours ago, Hagar said:

    Based on these post, LV might be taking WOS lightly.   Be a serious mistake.  Thing about WOS, they think they can play with anyone.  
    Should be a great game.  

    I'm sure LV is aware of WOS and will not be taking them lightly, and I guess we will find out if WOS can play with "anyone".  This game will test for both teams.  

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  8. 14 minutes ago, BlahBlah said:

    McClennan County ( Waco area ) just closed schools to early Feb.


    Breaking: Local health authority closes all McLennan County schools until Sept. 7. Instructs schools to submit written plan for reopening by Aug. 21. Story coming in a few minutes.

    This will have a huge effect on a team like La Vega. As of now all of there district mates will have 5 game under their belt before LV can start playing.  And multiple extra weeks of strength camp and practice.   

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