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  1. Look a butterfly. Nope just the carthage fans off topic again. Lol.
  2. If that was the Dawgs you would be telling me how they did enough to win the game.
  3. He does. No disrespect to Surratt at all he is a great coach. But all I heard going into the week before the LV game with Argyle was how great Rodgers is and how that coaching advantage made the Eagles so much better. Rodgers has the numbers too, one of the best winning percentages in the last 10 years. In my opinion Hyde out coached Rodgers in that game. All I'm saying is that people underestimate Hyde's coaching abilities.
  4. Guess you right, it is all opinions. Friday we will all see.
  5. Hyde is pretty darn good himself. Would count him or the pirates out.
  6. This may be the slowest Carthage State Championship thread ever.
  7. You Carthage guys have a hard time staying on subject. Lol..
  8. So your saying that they are going the Dawgs will be in cover 0, cover 1 during this game. You really haven't seen the Pirate play have you.
  9. Maybe not. I'm sure with that defense that the Dawgs won't have to worry about the Pirates offense.
  10. Defense is as good as 2017, maybe a little quicker. Offense is more balanced.
  11. @regaleagle you think Carthage could hold the Eagles to 30?
  12. Celina only gave up 30 to Argyle, shut out Paris. and gave up 17 to Melissa. That's a pretty good defense.
  13. If I had to make a comparison I would say the Dawgs defense is very similar to Celina's defense.
  14. The exact defense Celina, Melissa, and Argyle ran hope that big guy can run cause if not he will be a non factor. Ask argyle how Effective #55 was he is every bit of 350.
  15. So do you think Surratt will stack the box and make La Vega throw the ball. Let me think of the last team to try that against La Vega, Oh wait that has been every team for the past 5 years.
  16. Do you not think La Vega has improved in the past 11 weeks as well? The pirates would still beat MH by at least 40. I guess La Vega's Defense had nothing to do with that.
  17. Springtown was prett darn good. Scored enough to win.
  18. The Dawgs just gave up 42, against the first real offense they have seen all year. I can tell you that MH defense was average and The Dawgs only scored 24. I believe LV has a good chance of doing that.
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