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  1. LV Defense 2015 vs 2017 as a base I will also give the Carthage Defense, from what I have seen on film and all yall's jibber jabber.. lol.. Carthage '17 2015 2017 d-line 8.0 8.5 8.9 LB 9.0 9.0 9.0 secondary 7.5 9.5 8.7 choose to disagree if you want.
  2. I hear it may be a rematch... I know that they are playing in some invitational in Louisiana...
  3. I know, I miss spoke when I said any coach meant any of the coaches we were talking about.
  4. Then do you win state last year with out Ingram, are you 14-0 without Ingram this year. That a fair question if you say that it not about the talent that he has had. Ill take Ingram in a heartbeat. I coached against Aledo and Johnathan Gray don't tell me talent doesn't make a difference.
  5. Carthage won state last year and have been ranked #1 ever since and you deserve to be. La Vega was #1 last year till they lost to CS. Kind of how things roll in this state it all a guessing game. No common opponents it hard to tell. Stats will tell us who is good at doing whatever it is that they do. I would rank you # 1 no reason not to, eye test shows you guys are a league above everyone you have played so far this year.
  6. Anyone know what Carthage (non district) schedule looks like next year? Heard a rumor, I sure hope it's true..
  7. Question Mark Bell Good Coach? He has never won a title taken many team deep in the playoffs in his 30 year at CS. Surratt has been loaded in the time he has been there Maybe the coach before just didn't take advantage of the opportunities given to him. Williams, Bell and now Hulme are probably the best coaches in the region. Surratt is a great coach and has taken full advantage of the talent he was given no doubt about that. He has a great offense mind and makes great adjustment. But if you can't say he hasn't had talent in those 10 years. Give Carthage talent to any of these coaches o
  8. So you believe La Vega will give up 5x there season average in this game. That is a bold prediction. Have you even seen La Vega play?
  9. Oh I agree 100% the game would of been much closer. By no means do think this game will turn out like 2015. It will be a close game either team could win this game.
  10. If you lost all 7 starters in that game then I see your reasoning, if they had been out for a week of two when Carthage Beat Navasota and Silsbee then it not quite as big of an argument.
  11. I know Ingram got hurt the week before the 2015 game. How many starters did you lose in that game or were they out the previous games too?
  12. I know Ingram got hurt the week before the 2015 game. How many starters did you lose in that game or were they out the previous games too?
  13. IMO Surratt and Williams is a push. Hyde would be my DC in a heart beat. If you watch the end 2015 game Surratt said he got out coached. Same staff from 2015 with some slight changes. Think all the sudden things are going to change.
  14. If I had to guess I would say Liberty Hill x2, and China Spring, Maybe Canyon Lake depends on which pole you look at.
  15. I would give the edge to Carthage in offense and a slight edge to La Vega on Defense . The stats for both team tell who the are, LV will play Defense and try to run the ball and throw it if they have too. Carthage is balanced on Offense and plays good defense. There is no real way to compare the stats. No common opponents so looking at stats are good but they really hold no relevance for comparison, they do give you a good Idea of who the teams are and what they like to do.
  16. Thanks, I will be looking forward to reading your response. I know how hard it is to be objective when you are tied so closely to a team.
  17. One of the few people to pick La Vega would like to hear your reasoning behind this. (BTW I happen to agree with you. )
  18. Just some La Vega Rushing numbers. North of 4600 yard on the the season 3 back over 1000 yards avg 9.9 yards per carry with those back in the game. Even if Carthage cuts that in half still a long night. Both defenses will have there hands full on Friday night.
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