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  1. That same MH defense that held Carthage to 24. Gave up 54 against LV could of been more put the subs played most of the second half.
  2. Probably 2015 when LV held Carthage to 3 points.
  3. 28 but they only gave up 14. How many did carthage score on MH.
  4. @Eagleborn if motion was such an issue for LV why didn't Argyle use it in the game that LV dismantled that unstoppable offense.
  5. And if motion was an Issue for LV don't you think the great coach Rodgers would of used lots of motion in the game vs LV. May be Eagleborn should be coaching Argyle
  6. Pretty sure that Springtown had some type of motion on almost every offensive play. I could be wrong but sitting in the 10th row I did have a pretty good view of the game.
  7. I saw him go out early in the game, he never returned to the game.
  8. Hats off to Springtown. Best front 7 we have seen all year. 32 was the real deal.
  9. This is going to be a great game. Can't wait to see how the Dawgs defense stands up to the offense of Lampasas, this game will answer a lot of question for the fan that doesn't get to see the the C-dawgs every week. Good luck to both teams, stay injury free.
  10. Hate getting pooped on when stating facts..
  11. Game Day!!!!! 10 hrs 15 mins. Can't come soon enough.
  12. That finished behind LV. Dont worry no one finished a relay in front of LV at last years track meet. Now back to football.
  13. Search Porcupine Radio on Facebook fast forward to about the 15 minute mark. My favorite quote from the ST coach "They haven't played a team like us".
  14. ST feel the same way about their game. ST coach said they were going pencil whip LV on his coaching show. I know he supposed to be confident but come on now.
  15. Ok after much thought I would have to say over all yes. Defense 2018 A+ , 2019 A Offense 2018 A- , 2019 A+
  16. The dawgs front 7 will be one of the best they have seen this year.
  17. Carthage is in for a fight, no one gave LH or Heritage a chance last year either.
  18. Let me get back to you on this. Those are some big shoes to fill.
  19. Agreed even at there best Carthage wont blow out the badgers.
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