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  1. A lot depends on the Dawgs defense this will be there first real test from a offense that can score from any where on the field. If they are what people say they are then Dawgs by 14, but if Lampasas can find some kinks in that armor then it could be a game that the last team with the ball wins.
  2. This game gives me the same feeling the the Carthage vs MH game did last year. Lots of unknowns.
  3. Thought CNN was reporting on this game when I first saw that. LOL....
  4. PG hung with Carthage for a half. That wasn't even a game in the second half pretty sure the final was 35-14, games are 48 minute long. I said top teams, Name one other D2 team that could compete in D1 against the top teams. Don't pull things out of context to fit your narrative.. I remember reading that thread and the talk of how the Dawgs dominated in the second half of that Game. This.....
  5. Must be confused, I thought that was Argyle...
  6. Both have to win this week but if it does happen, what a stage for the rubber match.
  7. ST is a primary run team, they throw the ball on occasion to keep you honest. ST has a quick shifty back that looks to be pretty good. Guess LV will have to stop the run this week, if the Pirates can do that they should be ok.
  8. Yeah I steered clear of that. It was all the coaches fault?
  9. I was just say that week 2 ranking don't hold as the same weight as week 10. Had Marshall gone 3 rounds deep you would be telling me how good that a 9-4 5A-D2. team was.
  10. Are you not counting the playoff loss?
  11. Argyle didn't have a chance last Friday. Has anyone seen that game on NFHS?
  12. I just know this is a East Texas site and wanted it to look a little more balanced. LOL.
  13. As well as they did last year being ranked #4 and taking it all with out being challenged.
  14. I'm talking about the final ranking which is usually the best measure after 11 week of football have been played. Marshall finished 7-4 not a top 10 5a-d2 team if they still had that QB it might be a different story.
  15. Big difference in the top teams in D1 and D2
  16. Lampasas will be the first Ranked 4A-D1 team that Carthage will face this season.
  17. I-35 S is already a parking lot. If you are coming south you can exit 339 and turn Left on to loop 340 follow that to Orchard Ln, turn left on to Orchard Ln, Orchard Ln will Take you straight to McLane stadium.
  18. A La Vega wins it means they would of eliminated 3 of the 4 teams from district 7 if Argyle wins the will do the same against district 6 .
  19. LV Beat them 54-14 the Pirates scored on the first play from scrimmage. Dawgs by a bunch.
  20. Or the Pirates hunger to avenge a home loss from earlier this year.
  21. Fair assessment, the pirates will be playing fast this week and I believe the can hold Argyle to one of it lowest totals of the year, if that happens can the Argyle defense do the same. How would you compare Celina Defense to La Vega? On a side note I graduated from Ozark.
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