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  1. Pretty sure NFHS is only 10.99 per month just don't forget to cancel after the playoffs
  2. Hope Regal gets his computer fixed soon miss his fair and balanced reporting.
  3. No problem with Carthage talk here. Carthage has some good points of comparison.
  4. Not a lot to say, according to this thread there is no way to stop Argyle. The Eagle have to many weapons on offense and no team (including Carthage according to them) in the state can play with them, and they fixed all of their defensive problems against Brownwood.
  5. Waco La Vega 4A D1 who ends up in their district?
  6. From what your saying every QB at Agyle should be as Good as #3. They have the same coaches and opportunities as he does. Then sit Bocephus this week if it all about coaching. But you wont because he is a more talented QB and has a better arm and is more accurate. Last time I checked coaches weren't allowed to play.
  7. Without these players argyle wouldn't stand a chance this week you talk about talent then tell me it all about great coaching. 40% for the coaches in the State of Texas could compete for state championships with Argyle roster. Roger's is a great coach but even he couldn't compete for state championships without talent.
  8. Your telling me Argyle's high school baseball coach could come to La Vega and make them a championship baseball team in a few years. That Nick Saban could go to TCU and win a championship in a few years with the current roster. Prove me wrong that Texas wins a national championship with out Vince Young that year. That this Argyle would be the same team with out it coveted Bocephus. True coaching helps but you cannot win championships without talent.
  9. I would say the kids, then maybe coaches. No matter how hard you coach you can't coach speed or instinct, that what makes great players. You can coach kids to play a supporting role and contribute to a team. Without great player talent there is no titles to speak of. The AD being responsible for the titles come on now.
  10. I guess know one sees that the pirates spotted Melissa 20 points then woke up and out scored them 45 to 22 (in 2 quarter plus 5 minutes). A Melissa team that is Loaded with talent as Regal has stated many times. Melissa was a very good football team. Argyle struggled against The Ville, LV struggled against Melissa. Melissa knew the pirates were going to run the ball and couldn't stop them. But we could compare a season of past games and that wouldnt make a difference. Its Argyle vs La Vega you can hit the reset button. La Vega just like Argyle can score from anywhere on the field. It a
  11. I dont think La Vega will have any trouble with Melissa. Argyle will better show up, Brownwood is a lot better team then Stephenville was.
  12. I would compare Brownwoods defense to Celinas. With Brownwood being a little better on the backend. But offensively Brownwood is head and shoulders better then Celina. This game setup to be similar in weather conditions to the Celina game. If that happens I can see Lions getting the better of the Eagles.
  13. I think what most people are missing is the match up. Brownwood matches up very well against Argyle. BW was able to run with and cover the LV receivers for the most part (better then any other team) and their run defense is pretty good too. With Argyle on it 2nd maybe 3rd RB this could play in to brownwood hands. There is an 80% chance of rain and sustained wind out of the south at 15-25 mph. McLane is open to the south and the way the wind swirls in that stadium could make passing pretty difficult. Brownwoods has the ability to get teams behind the chains and with the conditions Friday n
  14. The question is will they run in to a defense that can get a few stops. The Eagles offense is really good. Guess we will have to see.
  15. Since the Argyle game LV is only giving up 7.5 points per game, against some pretty good teams. Convincingly would be a stretch Argyle score with 2 seconds left to go up by 14. and that was the only touchdown that Argyle scored in the second half. La Vega will have to win tonight and then against Melissa to have a shot at Argyle again. Argyle better be concerned about Brownwood (if they win tonight), the Lions defense matches up very well against the Eagle offense.
  16. I agree, just stating the caliper of QB that he is. There will be two very good QB's on the field during this game.
  17. https://247sports.com/college/florida-state/Season/2020-Football/Commits/ Article is about half day down the page.
  18. La Vega vs Celina, this will be a hard hitting game. Ranger Stadium in Fort Worth
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