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  1. The passing game was the difference. WOS pretty much had the run game bottled up and the ...Wham!! A 25 yard pass completion...Well done PG
  2. No kidding..Who is gonna challenge Newton next year? They are loaded
  3. So Pleasant Grove is bigger? They are stronger? Better coached and preparation? They are two dimensional on offense? And have one of the best defenses in the State? Sounds like a pretty challenging matchup for the Mighty Mustangs. I still think they will rise to the occasion
  4. No doubt this will be interesting to watch. How will the WOS offense adjust if things get stale. They must limit penalties and turnovers especially deep in their own territory. Have to consider that an occasional athletic play will happen but it will be interesting to see if the Mustangs can establish some sort of offensive rhythm
  5. WOS will be prepared to stuff the run. PG will make some plays..and prob do some things to catch them by surprise in the air a few times. However, the Mustangs will be selling out on the run and try to make PG play a different game then they are used too
  6. Watched some highlights on Pleasant Grove. Seem to be well coached. Use a lot of misdirection and decent pass game when necessary. They seem to have more size up front but that hasnt matter to WOS in the past. Im sure they will try to wear WOS down with tgat run game. Think WOS will be able to adust some big plays on their defense and find some gaps along with some pure athletic plays. Looks like a good SC matchup
  7. Pleasant Grove #77 have any offers to play at next level? He looks like a man among boys
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