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  1. Contact tracing, would give them a good challenge also
  2. Okay, but this game is sitll two wins away for both teams...... Anything can happen these days.
  3. It was a home & home flip , WOS won If Carthage would've won the flip The game would've been in Carthage back yard
  4. Thanks for answering my Question, That surely tell me alot about your Texas High School football perception
  5. Who is a good team by your standards
  6. C'mon Mann...... Ask WT to tell you the truth........
  7. Please be more pacific "Golden Triangle" this is hard to belive...
  8. Great Game PG, Enjoy it to the fullest............ I asure you WOS will return to the finals ..... "Cinderella"
  9. Lol...... Nah , the ball just didn't bounce our way .......BTW.. Great Season( 16-0) Pleasant Grove!! Well deserved!! Congratulations
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