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  1. You really need to stop being so childish! Do you even have a horse in this race cause you sure are talking a lot of smack!
  2. I actually know the guys family and his father was a legendary coach in the 60s and 70s. He has always been a fan of Weat Orange Chiefs and after combining Stark to West Orange Stark Mustangs. His post may seem over the top to PG fans and the rest of you but we could say the same about PG dad and the rest of you. Nothing wrong with supporting your team. Both sides wants the win and that's understandable but to bash someone for their opinion is way over the top.
  3. I never post on here. Mainly because of what I have seen. It's better that way. Carry on!
  4. They are not quoting me only the PG fans. I could care less on the outcome I'm more focused on the 5A games but you people in east Texas needs to get a grip. I doubt there is enough crow to go around for all of you if y'all lose. I just want to see a great game that's injury free. Some of these dads need to chill and let it play out on the field instead of bashing those who don't have the same opinion as you. good luck come fridayFriday
  5. This is what I was referring too. Homerism at its finest! Class less act right here! This is a typical response from those who have no clue
  6. This thread is outrageous to say the least. Been around sports my whole life, traveled the Great state of Texas watching many teams reach their milestone of being State Champions. I have to say if I was a betting man I would put my money on WOS! #1 they have a winning tradition unlike PG until this year! #2 Coach Cornell Thompson IMO is the best Coach in the State. #3 speed in every position #4 their lateral pursuit on defense is unbelievable #5 WOS QB is dangerous for any defense #6 WOS special teams will kill you with BIG plays. I agree with most sportswriters that this will be a defensive
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