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  1. Y'all have a great team. I'm sure you'll do fine.
  2. You are exactly right. Now go get some sleep and good luck.
  3. Seriously Carl calm down. You have been doing much better now but you were beat a couple times against celina and again last week. You got lucky the graham qb overthrew the wr on a few different occasions. I'm just saying if there were to be a weak spot anywhere on that d than that is it.
  4. Slow down Carl. I was just saying what I seen and what Gilmer picked up on that kept them in the game.
  5. Haven't been following them until recent. Looking at some older games yes I see it in those. Looks like they are doing much better now.
  6. After watching hours of film, I believe the hawks will be able to move the ball just fine. The key will be containing WOS QB and not allowing him to make plays with his legs. It also looks like the hawks are vulnerable on "1" side of the secondary. I'm still saying it will be close to the same results of the Melisa game.
  7. Pg vs wos mid season would have been a good game but the grove is rolling right now and won't be denied.
  8. The same could possibly be said for the last three teams that PG played.
  9. You can't go on stats. I'm just going by the caliber of teams PG has man handled vs the caliber of teams WOS has barely gotten by.
  10. I'm just telling it like it is. This team is on another level. I'm thinking this game goes about like the last 3 PG has played.
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