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  1. Nope. You gotta watch the games instead of reading box scores to know the full story of the first two games. WO-S gave up 20 in the first game to a 5A school that will likely win their district. One of those TDs came after a turnover at the 10 yard line at the start of the 3rd quarter. Nederland did not score again. WO-S scored two unanswered TDs to win the game. Last week against LCM, the Bears scored one TD on a kickoff return and gained only 40 yards in the 2nd half. The WO-S defense is just fine. Nothing will come "easily" Friday night.
  2. If you make him a moderator, you will have an issue. Lol. Don't let this little side story interrupt your PG vs. WOS conversation. Please resume.
  3. Follow you? Worrying about another man's hobby? LOL...no, just EXPOSING you. That's what this is, but it's in one ear and out the other. Keep pouting and making remarks about "those dictators" at "that other site". Carry on. I'm sure you'll have another 10,000 posts before I make my next one.
  4. Dude, I have brisked past thousands (literally) of your posts with no comment. But, I decided for once, I would give a little exposure to who you are since you made multiple "that other site" comments in this thread. It's refreshing to see your absence at "that other site" because you were smothering every bit of content over there. The childish pouting about losing your moderator status was hysterical. This stuff is WAY too important to you. 'Can't be a moderator, so you take your ball and go home. LOL!. The creepy factor was your non-stop activity at se tx. At least "that other site" can no
  5. Yeah, first post. So what!? It's hilarious you find such honor in spending every waking moment hanging out at these message boards...EVERY message board that can be found. Still pouting in the corner. LMBO!!!
  6. Lol...still pouting about losing your moderator status at that "other site". Childish.
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