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  1. You really think I’d put my money on THEM? You’ve lost your mind
  2. Y’all gonna know EXACTLY who I’m talkin bout come that time. And it don’t matter if you lose by an inch or a mile, a win is a win. My granddaddy use to tell me that everyday. So yeah that is a blowout chief.
  3. The fact that any of you think that team is going to beat them boys is a joke. We got the players, we got the speed, we got the talent, we got the coaching, we got the offense, we got the defense, we got the special teams, we got the heart. Come Friday y’all ain’t gonna know what hit ya, and it’s gonna leave them out there on the field stumbling round cause they hadn’t ever seen nothin like it, they gon change the name of that stadium to pay due respect after they seen the HEART those boys show on the field I can promise you that. We been preppin for this all season and I’ll be darned if we’re
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