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  1. Traion led the Yoemen to 3 straight state championships and was on his way to a fourth, when he had a devastating knee injury right before halftime of the state championship game against Brock. After that injury Traion leg was never the same. Traion was an outstanding young man. RIP Traion. Prayers for him and his family. Prayers for the other young man that drowned and for his family. RIP
  2. Let’s just hope some of these larger 5a-6a venues will be available for these playoff games. Unfortunately Yoe fans will have a choice of games to possibly attend.
  3. So the host site of the playoff game will most likely be handling ticket sells? If that is the case then the tickets will be available to all of the general public that goes online to purchase.
  4. Is the UIL determining how schools are selling and distributing the playoff tickets. I saw where the tickets for the Rockdale/Columbus game will be sold on-line only.
  5. Based on your rankings district 12 has the advantage. Halletsville over Academy Columbus over Rockdale Yoakum over McGregor Lorena is the only favorite out of district 11.
  6. 09 give us your predictions for the first round between districts 11 & 12 in 3a d1.
  7. From what I heard that game with Gatesville was in the works. I’ll give you one guess who pulled the plug. You see who is playing and who isn’t. The game would at least let us see if #12 the QB who gave the Yoe some life in the second half against McGregor some additional game experience. But No. If you are Gatesville where would you rather play at. Cameron 1 hour drive or San Angelo 3 hour drive.
  8. The Yoemen have an upcoming open date. They are not going anywhere as far as playoffs goes. This coaching staff could find a 10th game to give these youngsters an additional game experience. This staff would rather just call it a season. No incentive at all to possibly end the season on a high note. Time to move on with this bunch.
  9. First time in over a decade the Yoemen could not even win a participation trophy (4th place) in a mediocre district 11. Rockdale will most likely be the only team moving on after week 1 of the playoffs. Once again a Yoemen team not prepared by a mediocre staff that is just going thru the motions. When is this CISD administration going to wake up? The community of Cameron desires better.
  10. What a fantastic experience for these kids. My past experience as a fan, it was an unforgettable sight seeing your high school play at such a beautiful venue.
  11. District 11 is very competitive. The reason that it is competitive is it is very mediocre. Rockdale is just a notch above mediocrity and that is because of their running back Valdaz and can show some existence of a defense. Then again they are capable of laying an egg as seen in earlier games. The Yoemen have some impressive young talent coming up with the existing talent that will be returning for the 2021-2022 seasons. Yoe fans should see the Yoemen make some deep playoff runs. Lets hope the Yoemen will have the right coaching staff in place.
  12. In regards to the Yoe/Troy game. The results was not a surprise. If it’s not the defense it’s the offense failing the Yoemen. Last nights performance was no different. Let’s just say the previous regime would probably be undefeated in district with this team. The Yoemen have 2 games left for the 2020 season. I am grateful for at least seeing them play this year. As far as the performance of the Trojans well they have 4 plays with a few different alignments to run those plays. Hrbacek#21 is 90% of their offense. A good defensive team can shut them down. As far as the rankings fo
  13. After almost 5 seasons the stats don’t lie.
  14. Yoe still gave up over 350 yards to a lackluster Academy team. I forgot that McGregor lost to Academy. That’s a head scratcher after seeing them play. Yoe’s two road games are Troy and McGregor. Crazy things always seem to happen over in McGregor.
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