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  1. I always thought schools should handle the hiring of an AD/HC like they do the hiring of an superintendent. Bring an outside committee into doing the vetting of the applicants. There are too many emotions that can sway a board member especially if there has been an assistant coach who has been around the program awhile. If that assistant is capable then his resume will speak for itself. There isn't an assistant around who doesn't want the HC job but that doesn't mean they are HC material.
  2. No not Jack. The board had their opportunity to make a big splash. Let's say school boards make decisions with their hearts. I wish the young man the best. He's inheriting a very talented team for his first HC/AD job.
  3. The rest of the district just exhaled.
  4. School board is going to meet Thursday about the hiring of an AD/HC. We may hear something very soon.
  5. It was daddy Rhoades. There was interest from dad. Money can be an issue. Jack his son became the wildcard. This coming from another Yoe poster on this thread. We should be learning who has this job soon.
  6. Emphasis on the"interesting".
  7. Who on the staff at Rockdale is going with Miller to Cypress?
  8. You're right on with your comment. I couldn't have said it any better bulldog.
  9. That's the problem with a majority of the school boards now a days. They vote with their emotions and over look the obvious. That coordinator maybe the easiest and emotionally popular with the board but may not be the best choice for the program and the community. It's pretty obvious what winning and going deep in the playoffs means to a school and a town. Sometimes the choice by the board by bringing in someone from the outside is very benifical and that choice could change the history of a program. Remember Toby York and Rick Rhoades for example.
  10. He also has a son in law that is a graduate of Rockdale. In addition his wife is ready for a move. Remember "Happy Wife....Happy Life".
  11. I heard a rumor from down around the coast. That a former successful headcoach from the area is thinking hard about returning. He is not happy about what has unfolded with the team he is now coaching. This could be an interesting turn of events. Whoever takes the Rockdale job will be taking over a talented team for 2020 and it looks like they will be reloading for the next few years.
  12. Last season Yoe had their open date after the 2nd game. Now I see it's at the end of the regular season before the playoffs begin. Last season on Coach Brashear's radio show he said he prefered the open date before district started. So what's up with this open date for the next 2 years? I feel like a majority of coaches would prefer not having that open Friday before going into the playoffs. Ten straight weeks of football is great for us Yoe fans but you think Brashear would be able to control where in the schedule that open date would be more beneficial for his team.
  13. 09 what does the predistrict and scrimmage schedule look like for the next 2 years?
  14. Diboll losing 28 seniors stands out, should of been loaded for a run in 2019. It just shows you have to be more balanced offensively and defensively come playoff time. Problems in the secondary covering and issues passing the ball down the field was their downfall. Yoemen losing 23 seniors. Yoe will rely on some talented 2019 freshmen and sophomores that will be suiting up for 2020. Lots of holes to fill on both sides of the ball. Notice several schools just losing 3 seniors which is a incredible small number for a d1 3a program.
  15. Thanks for the detailed breakdown of the districts. Already counting the days down to the opening kickoff this coming fall.
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