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  1. I have seen both teams play and with that said A&M Consolidated not as good as in the past but have a tradition and know how to win. Pine Tree on the other hand will have more talent and will be quicker, but are new to the playoffs and winning the big games. Pine Tree has the kids to win, but tradition will win out and Consolidated will get the win in a close one.
  2. Huntsville is very good, they are not flashy but very consistent well coached team. Defense is their strength, offense just gets the job done. No flash, no trickery just hard nose football. What I have seen is that hey haven't turned their QB a loose yet and when they do he is going to be something. Good Luck to both teams, but will take the Hornets in this one.
  3. Was Murr trying to lose the game with less the 2:40 on the clock he was trying to score all he needed to do was take a knee 4 times to win the game, garrison had no time outs, that was not smart gave Garrison a chance. Be smart coach!!!!
  4. What happened in Overton this year to go from 8-3 to 1-9?
  5. So it is a done deal, other guys wasting their time? Is that a good way to do business? Sounds like it is not going to be a popular name with the whole community.
  6. who's interviewing Alto 44? any names
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