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  1. If a district invests in the program they will attract better coaches who will stay longer which in turn creates better results. That's really all I am saying!
  2. I don't believe it's a football problem in Somerville, (also schools in similar situations). The problem is a lack of leadership in the athletic department as a whole and support from the community. The basketball team won 6 games! Best I can tell the baseball team is 0fer. There is not a vision or expectation to win in the boys program. They have talent, always do!. The AD is the assistant Elem Principal for crying out loud. Until schools like Somerville go all in with their athletic program it will continue to suffer. Their facilities are subpar, their pay is subpar, that equals poor qua
  3. Anyone know how many they are interviewing first round?
  4. Will this be an inside hire?
  5. Can someone give some info on this job? Do they have the kids to compete? How is the Supt/Community Support? Is there someone with an inside track?
  6. Chase Meyers was the OC. Arnold had the DC title but Strickland was calling the defense.
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