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  1. Looking forward to seeing the Football program and all sports flourish once again in Cooper. I will be sure to come watch them, as it has been many years, and I know major changes will be taking place. These Bulldogs better be ready for a new regime and training/conditioning will be paramount once again. The new AD will likely push for the addition of a volleyball program. This will greatly help the entire athletic program in more ways than one. This has shown to be a major and vital change in similar programs in the past. Hopefully the ones making the decisions at Cooper will implement these changes. Good Luck!
  2. Cooper will be the top contender in this district. Lots of changes need to be made in that program based on rumors that have been swirling. It has been awhile since I have seen these Bulldogs play, but this town/community always seems to be a top attraction for a Head Coach/AD. Hope to see the new AD implement volleyball into the Cooper program. It definitely would not hurt the girls basketball program, and might even get it back to what it once was in the 90s. I have been told that all schools in and around Cooper area have volleyball but Cooper still does not have a program. I would say it is way overdue......I haven't seen them or heard of the dogettes being a force in basketball in many years. We will see.......................
  3. Any word on the number of applicants for this job? Frontruners? This has to be one of the more coveted jobs for a smaller school in the entire state. Lots of tradition in this program.
  4. It's been reported that the Cooper Bulldogs are searching for a new Head Coach/AD. Can anyone verify this?
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