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  1. For example. Daingerfield beats EF, EF beats Waskom, Waskom beats DF DF destroys PP, PP beats Hooks, Hooks beats DF Even in our district NW beats Hemphill, AS beats NW, Hemphill beats AS "inconsistent" can be replaced with "evenly match" possibly Every other Region has a its clear favorite. Region 3 is wide open, per last year also
  2. Waskom play caller was playing Chess all night. I was very impressed with the Waskom QB. I wouldn't have known he was the backup if everyone on here wouldn't have made a big stink about it. Hes sneaky fast and good runner. But the best player on the field and maybe the region was the Daingerfield QB. Its debatable.
  3. I'm anxious to see. There has been a lot of inconsistency in Region 3. After seeing the DF Waskom game I just going to keep my mouth shut and watch. I think yall have some match up nightmares on the outside. QB is a sneaky runner. The only thing I know about hooks is they seem to be getting better every week and they are gamers. Good luck
  4. watched quite a bit of the Hemphill/EF game. It was a lot closer than the 12 point difference at the end. I have to think Hooks is a better team than Hemphill. They have played better team closer. I think this game is a toss up.
  5. thats about the spread i am thinking. of course i will take the over
  6. PP plays hard. Bunch of tough kids. They have some big ol boys. Nasty Newton can do a lot on offense and are quietly playing some real good defense. I can see it being a close game that Newton should win and I can also see it being a one sided track meet that gets ugly fast. Also how bout the newton kicker.. looking good.
  7. If Hemphill plays every team like they play Newton, they will make some noise
  8. Congrats to coach Williams and the Burkevillians. Maybe they will be the villain this week
  9. Nasty Newton by a half century. They get better every week. PPND
  10. aint that the truth. a 45 yard field goal shanked 22 yards low and outside on 4th and 13 on the most bogus call ever shown on live TV. Luckily it didnt change the outcome
  11. Good point. The rankings have them down a good bit after those first 2 games. "underranked" might be a better term
  12. Definitely the weakest district, per usual. On paper this team is not as "good" as last years team in the early weeks. This team is quietly hitting a stride and doing things last years teams didn't. They play together. They are a scrappy bunch. They like being an underdog. They have gotten better every week and are consistent. They are going to sneak up on some folks. I cant wait
  13. Nasty Newton Eagles hitting their stride at the right time of the year. Newton with the W
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