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  1. Ready to roll now! We have a nice stable of backs who can make things happen. Looking forward to watching them grow and produce.
  2. Pick’em WEEK 4 Results for 11-2A D1: @bigj 3-3 @CDubya936 3-3 @StingEmALTO 3-3 @jacketgrad06 2-4 @RETIREDFAN1 2-4 Overall: @bigj 17-6 @RETIREDFAN1 14-9 @StingEmALTO 14-9 @jacketgrad06 12-11 @trueblue82 9-4 @CDubya936 8-7 @KirtFalcon 5-2
  3. You are CORRECT. That dude is a beast. They have to get the ball in his hands. He did exactly what I knew he could do Friday night. More to come I believe.
  4. Yes sir, @TheWolf! Come over and say HI. We’ll be down at the tunnel before the game. I think it will be a battle. Young or not SA will have the athletes and they’ll play hard. I believe we are settling in and playing to our strengths. Line play is really coming along while our passing game is still a work in progress. Our QB Friday night got his first varsity start and is also a sophomore. He got the job done and will get more confident each week. I like our chances Friday, but always much respect for the San Augustine program. I know they’ll be ready to go.
  5. My picks: Garrison (1-2) at Groveton (0-3) Joaquin (2-2) at Clarksville (2-2) San Augustine (1-3) at Alto (1-3) Shelbyville (2-2) vs Trinity Christian (SHS HOCO) Timpson (4-0) at James Bowie (2-2)
  6. Congrats Garrison on the win over Crockett. Y’all proved me wrong. I picked the blue Bulldogs. Good job!
  7. My picks: * San Augustine (1-3) @ ALTO (1-1) * Bremond (1-3) CENTERVILLE (3-1) * GRAPELAND (2-2) @ Burkeville (3-0) * Groveton (0-3) @ GARRISON (1-2) * LEON (2-2) @ Cayuga (0-4) * GROESBECK (3-1) @ Normangee (2-2)
  8. 11-2A Week 5 Schedule: * San Augustine (1-3) @ Alto (1-1) * Bremond (1-3) Centerville (3-1) * Grapeland (2-2) @ Burkeville (3-0) * Groveton (0-3) @ Garrison (1-2) * Leon (2-2) @ Cayuga (0-4) * Groesbeck (3-1) @ Normangee (2-2)
  9. Makes sense. I felt like they must have some key players out. Still surprised me that they lost to Lovelady, and by that much.
  10. Thanks Ripper! Felt good to get in the win column. Congrats on putting up 20 on Timpson. They are a special team right now so that wasn’t bad at all. Good luck to y’all this week. Who do you have?
  11. The Alto Yellowjackets will host the San Augustine Wolves this week. The Mean Sting got their first win of the season 42-7 against the Winona Wildcats on Friday. San Augustine fell 62-7 to a talented West Rusk squad. The Jackets have only played one other game (a first week loss to undefeated Troup) and then had a couple weeks off because of Covid. The Wolves started the season with a win over West Sabine but have dropped the next games to Beaumont Kelly, Elkhart and then West Rusk. Both squads have new coaches this season. The Wolves are a young group and the Jackets are feeling confident aft
  12. And I read about the Courtney/Bussey show! Lol Wow what a night. Congrats to the Bears!
  13. Man, Winona had some big kids. And a couple of their backs (21 and 23) were dang hard to bring down! Lots of penalties (fixable) but hopefully they’ll clean it up and make a run in district. All the best to y’all moving forward.
  14. Thanks man. Hoping we can build on that and continue to make progress. As @SwarmingOnEmsaid, the position changes were positive and the line was dang good. They moved folks all night. Congrats to Joaquin on a big win and good luck next week!
  15. I was hoping for no nail biter. It was nice to get a win and not be stressed out the whole game. Lol Congrats to Timpson. Y’all continue to rock and roll!
  16. That should be a great game! I read where Bryant, AR hasn't lost a game since 2018?? Should be a battle with Longview!
  17. Well said! I always liked Southlake Carroll's motto "Protect the Tradition." It's true. Maintain, PROTECT, preach it........and work like HECK to keep it going. I'm ready for tonight.
  18. Thank you! Good luck to Joaquin tonight. I don’t think you’ll need it! Lol
  19. I really like the way you put that. So so true. And that’s what it’s all about. Former Jackets seeing what the current crew can bring and future Jackets dreaming of the day they get to play out there for the black and gold. Friday night lights at its best….and homecoming no less!
  20. Hey Jett! They were good games. Props to Winona! They have some good teams. I was impressed by our middle school kids. Good numbers, size up front, and speedy backs. I was encouraged. JV battled. We probably owned the time of possession, but a turnover and not being able to sustain some drives killed us. That was actually our JV’s first game to play so I thought they fought hard and I saw some positives. We’ll get after it next week vs. San Augustine and hopefully more improvement. All the best to Winona going forward!
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