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  1. On 4th and 1 the Bears stop the Wildcats on the Timpson 10 yard line.
  2. End of 3Q: 52-28 Timpson Waskom showing life. They are driving. Currently on the Bear 29.
  3. TD Timpson! 2 point conversion good. Bears 42-28 1:19 3Q Timpson in control now.
  4. Waskom fumble! Timpson ball! 2:21 3Q Ball on Waskom 33.
  5. TD Timpson! 2 point conversion good Bears 34-28 2:32 3Q
  6. I think Timpson takes the lead on this drive. They seem to have the mo.
  7. TD Bears! 2 point conversion no good Waskom 28-26 7:59 3Q
  8. Bad start for the Bears. Fumble on the kickoff return. First play is a TD pass for Waskom. Waskom 28-20 11:45 3Q
  9. They have proven themselves thus far. Most of the Waskom folks thought it would be a blowout by halftime. TD BEARS!….with :00 on the clock! PAT no good Waskom 21-20 halftime Can’t beat that!
  10. Yes and those linemen aren’t bad either!
  11. Wow. I see players all over the field.
  12. 95 yard kick off return by Waskom! 21-14 6:34 2Q Waskom
  13. GAME DAY! Good luck District 11! Get those Pick ‘Ems in! * Alto @ Timpson CANCELLED * Corrigan-Camden @ Centerville * Grapeland @ Elkhart * Trinity @ Groveton CANCELLED * Dawson @ Leon * Normangee @ Iola 9-2A * Troup @ Carlisle
  14. Timpson ISD Facebook page, I believe.
  15. Now that’s funny right there and I don’t care who you are!
  16. Welcome back to “civilization” @NATUREBOY98! All the best from Alto and good luck this season!
  17. Be ready! They’ll carve up that secondary if you don’t watch it.
  18. I’m going with Carlisle but it will be a battle. If your secondary has issues, it could be a long night. 4 of their scores vs Alto came on busted coverages, 1 on a kickoff return for a touchdown. They didn’t have long sustained rushing drives. It was the big plays that got us. If you can hang with their receivers, you have a chance. Their QB is legit!
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