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  1. Good luck to our district brothers tonight! Here is the district preview in THE ZONE! Their prediction: 1. Normangee 2. Alto 3. Grapeland 4. Centerville 5. Groveton 6. Leon
  2. Here we go!! GAME DAY! We are on a 2-game winning streak! Let’s make it THREE! LET’S GOOOOO JACKETS!!
  3. I was at this game and this is when I left!! I thought Joaquin had it in the bag. 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter and it looked like they had Beckville’s number. Another lesson learned: it ain’t over until it’s over. Lol (actually already knew this but was kinda tired and we have a big day tomorrow!)
  4. I know a guy who knows a guy with a helicopter….
  5. Alto JV 1-0 on the season. Troup has some players out with Covid. Friday is still on!
  6. Troup Tigers (0-0) vs. Alto Yellowjackets (0-0) 7:30 p.m. Friday at Tiger Stadium in Troup Coaches: Lance Gamble, Alto; John Eastman, Troup Last Week: This is the first game of the year for both teams. Next Week: Troup at Price-Carlisle; Alto at Timpson Outlook: A Troup team that is loaded with 19 seniors should give the Yellowjackets a real test right out of the gate … Coach Gamble is in his first year at Alto and the Mean Sting could have a few tricks up their sleeve offensively ...Tiger QB Trevor Padia is a good one, and the Mean Sting defense will have to find a wa
  7. Or after the first quarter….. You’re right on the FNL and being back in action. Friday can’t get here fast enough! Timpson just has so many weapons this year! And added to that is our Alto kid who made an interception for the Bears vs. Lovelady! We miss that kid!
  8. Thanks, Greezy! We’re gonna give it all we got and then some! Hope the Tigers have a special season. Something tells me THEY WILL. Mart, here they come! Lol
  9. Thanks! I sure hope so. They are definitely putting in the work. And y’all have a big battle coming up with Beckville! Wish I could be at that game. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Joaquin wins the first game on your new turf. Good luck!
  10. Prayers for the Gamble family as Coach Gamble’s sister-in-law passed away overnight from Covid. She was 33 and leaves behind a husband and two teenagers. Unimaginable for those kids and their dad.
  11. Not sure who to give the nod to with CC vs Crockett but I think the advantage goes to CC in the second year of the new coach. Are y’all home or away? Good luck in the battle of the Bulldogs!
  12. That still surprises me being that the HC was a product of that system. Hopefully y’all are getting acclimated and Year 2 will be a step forward!
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