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  1. The discipline issues aren’t going to go away with a new coach. They started in the children’s homes. When these boys watch their own parents ranting and raving in the stands then why can’t they act the same way? When a football team and coaches have to have a police escort off their own field... that’s not a coaching issue!
  2. Time already has told. It’s not my job to forgive him or anyone else for that. It’s my job to protect my children and provide the best environment I can. Someone who lies for years, covers it up without taking responsibility, and then deceives his coaching staff as their confidant is not the example I want. If you believe anything out of his mouth after FACTS then you have fallen hard...HARD!!
  3. He would have liked to! but sorry, I’m not the only one wondering.
  4. No petty would have been firing him while Waldie was still AD. He was just smart and got the hell out. Im just wondering how this new AD is gonna do his job if he can’t even drive himself to work?
  5. Is that your way of avoiding the actual problem? Trying to throw shade on someone else?
  6. My info came from outside the board. Numerous people asking questions. No one in trouble here.
  7. SMH... Nelson has a 12 year suspended drivers license and “forgot” to mention that when he signed his contract. Who does the back ground checks around here???
  8. There’s more to it worth checking into. Y’all that always know stuff need to start diggin
  9. Anybody know why new AD had to have wife come pick him up after board meeting last night? Something fishy since DLISD employees started having drivers licenses checked today...
  10. Dude, are you on his payroll? You love some Nelson!!
  11. Yes Waldie knew and yes rightfully called him out as he was walking out the door. Duh! You missed my point. Try again.
  12. You know, I think you’re the first of the pro Nelsons that have admitted to any undermining. Why now?
  13. How could it have helped if it wasn’t out in the open yet? Pearland choice was made because it was a no brainer! I think that dagger is gonna hurt Nelson more than any of the coaches when he realizes he doesn’t know who to trust...are they really on his side or full of it just like he was!
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