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  1. What does the "Lone Star Cup" have to do with anything I've said?
  2. There is no mess here. The new coach is doing a great job with the summer program, the 7 on 7 program is doing well and all the boys are working hard for a coach they respect. This whole thread would have been different if a few people didn't get all out of shape because DA wasn't hired. Also, Horn wanted more money that wasn't in the budget to give. With the exception of a poster or two who are way in on the inside and didn't get their way, no one in town is even talking about this. There are kids in this high school program from 14 to 18 years old doing their best to get better and I ce
  3. They are playing 7 on 7 and reports are they look very good.
  4. People on this thread say a lot of things they know nothing about or just repeat what other people have said. Many posters on this thread don't even attend the games or have anything to do with this program. I have no idea where people get the idea he has a discipline problem when Waldie was the head coach the last two years. He commands respect among his players and they know it. He doesn't scream or yell at them, he takes them aside for correction and if the kids don't correct the issue they sit. This whole Nelson hatred boils down to a few people not getting their way and they have now
  5. I sure hope he figures out a way to throw the ball more. If there was any balance last year it would have been much better. 8 men in the defensive box doesn't allow much running room.
  6. What is your fascination with South Union? The new coach doesn't go there, the former coach didn't go there, and as far as I know none of the coaches go there. I don't understand why you think a church has something to do with any of this.
  7. I have only heard of 4 but I'm not on the inside. Of those four leaving, I have heard 2 were leaving anyway for family reasons, one got a big promotion at a large school, and one got his license to be an administrator. I have no idea of the other 2 as all my knowledge is 3rd of 4th hand.
  8. Well said GTAlumnus. The DF offense was very predictable. They changed up some of the blocking schemes late in district but the plays were essentially the same. Gunter could stack the box with no worries of being beaten down field by the pass. It seemed to be 8 defensive players versus 5 or 6 blockers...those numbers don't work out too well for the offense. The DF defense will be just fine this year, but we have to do something different offensively to compete well this year. We lost a great lineman and leader to graduation who will be difficult to replace but we do have some young guys
  9. I'm not trying to be controversial here, but I am genuinely curious about how did they try to force power down everyone's throats? I have heard information which directly contradicts what is being posted here. For instance, I have heard outside of this forum that the school board president requested the top 2, not the top 3. Inside the forum we have heard it said that the superintendent manipulated it to only be the top 2. I'm curious which one is correct and how anyone who wasn't there would know this information. Again, this is what I have heard as I was not there to see or hear it myse
  10. I have read most of the posts on this forum and some strange patterns seem to have emerged. Early on there were posters listing their top head coaches for the job from other schools, which is not uncommon for a thread like this. Soon enough DA posts started showing up which is also not unusual when there is a HC job open at Daingerfield. Then the current coaching staff bashing started coming up, again which is not unusual in a topic such as this. And then, as usual, the bashing of the administration and school board began to show up. So it seems to me this began as just a normal thread.
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