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  1. I collect autographed jerseys and mini helmets, mostly Pittsburgh Steelers... and tattoos
  2. OK, I understand the sensitivity now.... I said he was "in my opinion, out coached this past weekend". I am not making an effort to imply anything. I didn't say that coaching lost the series. I said Rains followed a game plan and made adjustments throughout the series, and Carthage did not. This was a post intended to congratulate Rains and offer an "attaboy" to their coach. It was not intended to be a "passive aggressive" swipe at the high school coaching community or McFall. Unfortunately, I have been privy to a several different coaches who were handed a winning hand. Sometimes a coach is the difference, sometimes kids make coaches look better than they are, and sometimes coaches make kids look better than they are. Sometimes, the moment overwhelms them. Sometimes opinions differ on just exactly what happened. Had I seen you at the games this past weekend, I'm sure I would've enjoyed discussing our differences of opinion with you. Justin Pierce
  3. I am not sure where you saw me say the coach lost the series...? Even when I read it again... hmmm Rains executed a very good gameplan and deserved to win on their own merit, no doubt. I cannot attest to his meticulous work ethic, as I do not know him well. I can attest to the fact that, in my humble opinion, he was out coached this past weekend. I personally was impressed with adjustments and energy shown by the Rains coach and unimpressed with the adjustments and energy on our side. Sorry that I made you anonymously scold me for my earlier anonymous post, I guess. Good luck to Rains
  4. Very well coached team that followed their gameplan to a T. Huge advantage in the coaching department, IMHO. Very good group of very young players at Rains, bright future ahead of them.
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