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  1. I collect autographed jerseys and mini helmets, mostly Pittsburgh Steelers... and tattoos
  2. OK, I understand the sensitivity now.... I said he was "in my opinion, out coached this past weekend". I am not making an effort to imply anything. I didn't say that coaching lost the series. I said Rains followed a game plan and made adjustments throughout the series, and Carthage did not. This was a post intended to congratulate Rains and offer an "attaboy" to their coach. It was not intended to be a "passive aggressive" swipe at the high school coaching community or McFall. Unfortunately, I have been privy to a several different coaches who were handed a winning hand. Sometimes a coac
  3. I am not sure where you saw me say the coach lost the series...? Even when I read it again... hmmm Rains executed a very good gameplan and deserved to win on their own merit, no doubt. I cannot attest to his meticulous work ethic, as I do not know him well. I can attest to the fact that, in my humble opinion, he was out coached this past weekend. I personally was impressed with adjustments and energy shown by the Rains coach and unimpressed with the adjustments and energy on our side. Sorry that I made you anonymously scold me for my earlier anonymous post
  4. Very well coached team that followed their gameplan to a T. Huge advantage in the coaching department, IMHO. Very good group of very young players at Rains, bright future ahead of them.
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