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  1. Been my screen name buddy. Telling the truth and asking questions is stirring the pot? Must be some in order to stir and according to sources on this thread everything is glorious and wonderful in T-town. So ....
  2. It also makes less money for the new guy. Which will make the quality of applicants go down. Just my opinion. Is is common for a small district to have a girls coordinator? I’m unaware if this a common practice or just something that was just started.
  3. So....The Waskom HC was talking to someone who is currently running to be on the school board (he hasn’t won yet) during the track meet. The same person who brother in law now makes 89,000 being a Vb Coach. Tatum has some long money!
  4. Hey guys! Quick question..DQ table talks is saying that the VB coach will be the new AD. For the sake of the kids I am hoping this information is not true. The kids deserve someone dedicated to winning and knows how to win. Hiring a football coach narrows the field of applicants because ...mediocre is not the direction Tatum should be going when it is known for its greatness.
  5. “It’s a great situation” or it WAS a great situation? Not sure who the problem is but it’s definitely a problem somewhere in Tatum and the tone is set by the person in charge. People have a right to ask questions when it’s this big of a turnover rate. Is this about to be the 3rd AD in three years? No one jumps off a smooth sailing ship.
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