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  1. If their going off just this yr, Waskom got screwed out of the top 100.
  2. Major lose in production there
  3. EF graduated just 3 starters on offense, QB, 1 OL and 1 WR. Defense 1 DL and 1 LB
  4. I really don't care either way, but I doubt they would stop playing each other because some people think they should.
  5. Longview Marshall have over 100 yrs of history, that ain't ending.
  6. I just watched some Franklin game film, #12 #15 #24 for Franklin are damn good, Waskom can definitely win this game, but one thing I wouldn't do is punt straight down the field to them, I would angle my punts out of bounds, you give them a chance to return a punt, your taking a big chance at 6pts.
  7. I'm good LSU, that was a helluva game, I'll be in Tyler next Friday cheering you guys on.
  8. Just watch the replay of the game, it was definitely a hold on EF that denied a 1st down in the red zone with a chance to win the game, but it's a shame the ref missed that int in the endzone for EF, I don't how he missed it, that game should've went to OT in that moment, but great great game tho, I enjoyed it and glad I got a chance to witness it in person.
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