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  1. I meant, when was the last time another team other than Newton won the district they was in?
  2. We have another good team this yr, just got to stay healthy
  3. When was the last time Newton didn't win this district?
  4. Daingerfield looked like the better team on paper, but if you remember my earlier post, I said this would be a tough game for EF, but EF would win this game, I just didn't think it was gonna be by that margin, having the better athletes, doesn't always guarantee wins.
  5. Sounds like he's just relying off talented kids and doesn't know how to really develop them
  6. I said if EF was healthy they would win a close one, but damn, not in a blowout
  7. Off subject, I'm home watching highschool football on ESPN, but John Curtis to me is the borinest offense to watch lol
  8. Not sure, but I think 3 or 4 starters was out last week, if I was Ford, I wouldn't risk playing them in a meaningless game if not fully healthy.
  9. Arp being down just don't seem right, this ain't the Arp program I been watching for yrs
  10. How has the field been holding up in the rain, when my boys was there back in '06-'07, it didn't hold up to well?
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