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  1. Remember Logan Hughes backup didn't get reps either, the next yr he played pretty good, over 2000yds passing
  2. #10 Will "the he caught it" Ford lol
  3. That's the biggest positive to replace is the QB
  4. Losing 2 Sr's on defense and 5 on offense
  5. Waskom vs West Rusk I think will come down to the last possession
  6. I forgot to mention PP, they got a young team coming back as well, so next yr in region 3 is gonna be battle test coming out of it, hope every one can stay healthy lol
  7. I thought soon as you make possession and make a football move with control crossing the goal line it's a TD
  8. And next yr they will be in another battle with one of us in the region, alot of people want to measure our region of off Newton, but I see about 4 teams in our region based on what they return next yr is gonna be hell to deal with that I see is EF, Waskom, West Rusk and Daingerfield so far, idk what others have returning, but it will be tough again
  9. I told you and everybody J52 PP was gonna beat Newton, you said it too lol
  10. Region 4 has already shape up to be a all district regional final no matter who wins or loses in that region, all 4 teams are still in it
  11. I know, but you was dead seriously about Waskom blowing us out lol
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