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  1. I really don't care either way, but I doubt they would stop playing each other because some people think they should.
  2. Longview Marshall have over 100 yrs of history, that ain't ending.
  3. I just watched some Franklin game film, #12 #15 #24 for Franklin are damn good, Waskom can definitely win this game, but one thing I wouldn't do is punt straight down the field to them, I would angle my punts out of bounds, you give them a chance to return a punt, your taking a big chance at 6pts.
  4. I'm good LSU, that was a helluva game, I'll be in Tyler next Friday cheering you guys on.
  5. Just watch the replay of the game, it was definitely a hold on EF that denied a 1st down in the red zone with a chance to win the game, but it's a shame the ref missed that int in the endzone for EF, I don't how he missed it, that game should've went to OT in that moment, but great great game tho, I enjoyed it and glad I got a chance to witness it in person.
  6. This had to of been the best EF Waskom game ever played in our history, definitely lived up to the hype and with the kids both teams having returning, next yr I believe will meet in the region final again.
  7. Wrong division, but I think I know what you mean lol
  8. It's funny how one play changes the whole outcome of a conversation on winning and losing, but that 4th and 1 was the ball game.
  9. He reminds me of that street baller nicknamed the professor, skilled and quick as a cat
  10. I totally agree, just throw in some different looks and formations
  11. I told my friends in the stands, if EF stops PP on this 4th and 1, EF will go down and score, I told them this reminds me of the 2005 Texas vs USC game on that 4th and 1, just like USC had Reggie Bush on the sidelines on that 4th and 1 was a head scratcher, IMO I think PP should have had #1 under center on that 4th and 1.
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