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  1. What difference does that make? LV has 3 times the number of students enrolled than the private school. That school is still kicking butt in Arkansas. Private or not, everyone is beatable.
  2. Several years ago LV hosted North Little Rock High School which was one of the best teams, overall, in Arkansas. NLR had a running back that went on to sign with Alabama. I think that he may have barely rushed for around 100 yards. I attended that game which LV won. The difference in the game I believe was that NLR had never played against a team with the overall team speed, especially on defense, that LV possessed. This year's edition of the Lobos is not the same caliber of the Lobos then but this is probably going to be a decent game. Don't be surprised about the outcome of this game e
  3. On the local radio show Leaving The Yard, Arkansas High AD/HC Barry Norton stated on the air the following: 1. He and the TASD superintendent had discussed the game in light of the COVID issue and also in light of some state governmental positions in the State of Arkansas 2. He stated that he and the Texas High AD/HC had discussed playing the game and that the decision was mutual and was cordial. 3. Mr. Norton lamented the alleged fact that the people who were complaining about the game not being played were individuals who "probably had not ever had to make and important dec
  4. Until L.E. proves that it can move the ball and score on offense and reduce turnovers I will go with their opponents every time this season and next. They have lost so many top players to other schools in Texarkana and it could take two or three years at the earliest to recover. Every so often they have once in a generation players come through the program at the same time. This happened but now those players are elsewhere and the reasons that this has, and continues to happen goes in many directions. A real dysfunctional situation.
  5. Most of the time no one team dominates another team 100% of the time. Every dog has his day. Going with Legacy.
  6. IMHO, COVID is just a convenient excuse for AHS to discontinue this game because of the disparity in the sizes of the two schools even though that has not been a factor in the past. We will not find out for sure until later on this year when the coaches, especially in Texas start compiling their schedules for the next two year cycle. This sentiment of discontinuing this series has been floating around the past few years. Last season, both AHS and PG had games canceled because of COVID on the same weekend. Arkansas's coach Norton goes on the media and states that he looked everywhere to fin
  7. Both stadiums are about the same size but you are right.
  8. Not all of their games. PG and LE will get streamed also over the course of the season. Not sure about Arkansas High, something peculiar going on there.
  9. Maybe on Texarkana Gameday on Facebook or on Texarkana Gameday on YouTube.
  10. For any LV fans who would like to see some game video of your game with Bryant, Ark., go to the website Hooten's Arkansas Football.com. Bryant had a scrimmage against Pulaski Academy recently and you Lobo's can get a look at your opponent. Both of those Arkansas schools are defending state champions.
  11. I think that the Hog qb this year comes back over to football from the baseball team. He has committed to the University of Arkansas to play baseball as a back catcher. He is supposed to have a pretty good arm and he has participated in the football program before.
  12. The offensive line will be alright this season I believe. They may not be as big this season as compared to last season and I don't think that they will have the overall depth in the line that they had last season. Last season's receiving group is better than this year's group. We have three good running backs back from last year and had another one transfer in from one of the other local schools. We have some extra depth at linebacker from a transfer that was a starter in his last program that was getting D1 looks prior to transferring in. The back end of the defense is going to be a con
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