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  1. If you want to see the game it will be streamed live on both YouTube and Facebook. Just type in Texarkana Gameday on either one of those and you can watch it for free. Also, all of the Texarkana Texas side schools will be featured each week of the season. They broadcast Texas High's game in Tyler last Thursday.
  2. LE needs to go back to the black helmets.
  3. Their best defensive player, (IMHO), on the line is injured.
  4. Does any one of you Longview SDC posters know if gate tickets will be available for the Texas High scrimmage for visitors? Does any one of you know if the scrimmage will be live streamed on Lobo TV?
  5. I'm aware that he gets just 4 years. Just saying that IMHO, that he is that good. Don't want to see any young man screwed.
  6. What are you saying? That there is going to be a pandemic in northeast Texas 3A football? Sure hope not.
  7. I would have started him at LE on varsity as an 8th grader. Their season could not have turned out any worse than it did. I would doubt that PG hcoach would want to go through growing pains two years straight but the young man is good.
  8. With Tatum stopping football for the next two weeks due to covid19, hoe does that affect their last opponent Daingerfield this week?
  9. Does this mean that their last opponent Daingerfield must shut it down also?
  10. LE has got to get rb Henderson untracked not just in this game but the rest of the way.
  11. That is true if the head coach lets him play qb. I've heard it said that qb won't be his position. He could play well at multiple positions but he can sling it with the best of them, great character also.
  12. Yeah, last years head coach blocked the transfer. LE, in addition to the db (safety)/wr, has 3 other wrs tat are freshmen this season but no qb that is even close to being a difference maker.
  13. LE is still looking for its quarterback of the future from last season. He can be found at PG running with the PG freshmen team. As an 8th grader he was better than an other quarterback in the Leopard program including both seniors.
  14. Carthage is a different animal than PG. They dropped down to 4A D2 so their numbers are better than those of PG and closer to Argyle. Carthage is able to not have to have players go both ways. IMHO, Argyle would have their hands more than full with Carthage. Carthage made La Vega look average in the championship last season. No contest...
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