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  1. I think Vega will win it close, Vega defense is doing good slowing down Liberty Hills running game.
  2. I told you to watch out for to much Jose Cuervo, but good season PG and be back stronger next year. Congrats to Cuero for a good show also and the W.
  3. Going for PG but be careful on that Jose Cuervo lmao that Cuero can play some ball great also, Seen highlights on them and they did looked good.
  4. I think LH won't be able to contain LV running attack and plus LV can pass well and can make few stops on LH, so I'm leaning towards,Vega to pull this one, La Vega wins state.
  5. I think it be on tv, cable on 38 FssWD, it shows I would be able to pick it up.it shows the advertising of the games.
  6. PG hawk them Gobblers, I got PG up by few scores. Maybe 28 to 14 Hawks, don't know nothing about the Gobblers.
  7. I think when Carthage kicked the onside kick is when I think something seconds left in game, so yes I liked it, cause it's a chance or not a chance to get ball back, but if you kicked it deep with that many seconds left, LH would run the clock out anyways, so it was no choice, either that or maybe kick it deep but on the ground not in air to hopefully get it back or maybe a fumble turn over.
  8. Actually there were a lot of miss catches from Carthage and Carthage did had problem of stopping the Slot-t but if it wasn't for miss catches, the score wouldn't be the way it was, I don't think LH defense is that dominate, it's the Slot-t offense. And I watch it live from a buddy of mine that order the live high school games online while back and has the membership still.
  9. La Vega seen the slot-t so they know what to expect, and Vegas has a very high Power Offense, I say Vega 40 or 50
  10. Actually the miss catches early is what stopped Carthage, Carthage mistakes costed,Carthage stopped Carthage, not taking away from Liberty Hill but the mistakes from first half. Congrats. To Liberty Hill and Carthage will be back stronger next year.
  11. Ohhh so La Vega is known for playing alot of Liberty Hill, and can slow the slot-T, then yes it will be difficult on Liberty Hill. I don't think Carthage were use to playing against the slot-T, if Carthage would of known A lot about playing the slot-T then Carthage maybe wouldn't have much problems against it but it's something never seen.
  12. I saw it and yes The Pirates are very tough but how's the Defense of on containing the slot-T, I know Vegas offense is outstanding but what about the Defense, I just saw highlights of the Vega vs Paris and yes Vega looks like they going to win State but this game maybe close.
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