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  1. I haven't seen the season game from Lindale vs Kilgore, but I know it was a great game 47 to 40. I believe this game is a toss up and it's hard to beat a good team twice but it can be done. Kilgore has to find ways to slow the RB from Lindale and watch the passing game in order to win and Lindale has to do the same to the opposing team, but this game will be one of the best East Texas games tonight, cause their evenly matched, rooting for both tonight let the Dogs Out!! and Lindale let the Eagles FLY!! To see a perfect high school football game and whatever team wins, best of luck thru State
  2. Wish i had $11 to watch NFHS but dnt have the funds, next time.
  3. Wish I had the link to watch the game besides the NFHS without money can't watch
  4. Looks like another State title game soon.
  5. Well it will be Lindale vs Kilgore depending on how that game is going, Lindale vs Kilgore was a very close game and good one last time played.
  6. Every high school has there own big time ballers over the years from past to present.
  7. The loser gets to air up basket ball early lol
  8. Which team do you think will win? One minute you said Lindale and now you lean towards Kilgore. I feel the same on who wins, but this will be a good game for DC.
  9. Yes the two were on Defense and not sure why they were ejected from that game, maybe unsportsmanship.
  10. Henderson dominated Athens, 29 to 0 is domination to me. Henderson and Chapel Hill are about the same strength maybe it just comes down on which one executes more and executes the right plays, to win.
  11. I think the winner out of this game gets either Huffman Hargraves or Livingston, depends on there game, I will be rooting for my East Texas brothers thru out the playoffs.
  12. Chill has a good QB and I think two good WRs that can take it to the house if left unattended, the struggle with Mabank, that gives me thoughts on this game,not saying nothing bad against Mabank but just looking at there competitions before this District and this District is tough, Henderson cannot struggle against Chill and come out with a W.
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