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  1. Dnt know why they didn't put the live game on NFHS, to me it just was a waste of money this time, plus cable got cut off, just listen to ya guys on the score.
  2. That's crazy for a team and even a coach to not accept the L. I thought I was a sore loser towards Henderson lol this guy/coach got me beat lol
  3. Why don't they just put it on NFHS?? Some of us may have their cable and internet cut off lol like me and I do have NFHS on phone.
  4. I hope Jennings is healthy and that will be a great game.
  5. Really it wasn't Lindale that made that many mistakes it was LBJ that made most of the mistakes, and you are correct that Lindale needs to use up big chunks of the clock on long drives.
  6. Not saying that Argyle not fast, they are and has a very good RB but Lindale is going to play their hearts from making it this far and farest they ever had so far so Lindale going to compete.
  7. I think if Lindale dnt make many mistakes they can beat Argyle, Lindale has to play them like they played LBJ, I think LBJ has more speed than Argyle this year, to me LBJ has speed like La Vega last years and year before, but Argyle has speed as well but athleticism and great coach, so it will be a great game, if Jenkins be okay I say Lindale wins, if not then I don't think they can beat Argyle if Lindale not healthy.
  8. True but Lindale players has a lot of heart to make a come back if behind, this group of guys from Lindale don't give up, Argyle has not been in that come back situation so how would Argyle deal with adversity, Argyle is tough but I see if Lindale can make Argyle play catch up maybe Lindale can win it, and yes a near perfect game Lindale has to play.
  9. This comes down on what team want it the most, Argyle will be tough to beat but that game last night with Lindale vs LBJ was a classic and a great come back from 22 to 7 game even tho LBJ shot themselves in the foot with penalties and LBJ coaches not wise decision at the end. Lindale is focused and Lindale has all of East Texas rooting for you guys and hoping Lindale wins it all, and playing on another level to achieve Greatness and overcome their History. GO!! LINDALE!!!!
  10. Let's go D.O.D. team, Lindale let them Eagles Fly!! Thru State!! Let's make history!!
  11. I haven't seen the season game from Lindale vs Kilgore, but I know it was a great game 47 to 40. I believe this game is a toss up and it's hard to beat a good team twice but it can be done. Kilgore has to find ways to slow the RB from Lindale and watch the passing game in order to win and Lindale has to do the same to the opposing team, but this game will be one of the best East Texas games tonight, cause their evenly matched, rooting for both tonight let the Dogs Out!! and Lindale let the Eagles FLY!! To see a perfect high school football game and whatever team wins, best of luck thru State
  12. Wish i had $11 to watch NFHS but dnt have the funds, next time.
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