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  1. Last year Gilmer was ahead I think in the first half but Carthage came back and win it, that was a great game, this year Gilmer looks way better this year than last year, so looking forward for another Great battle.
  2. I lived in West Orange for few years but my family from mother side are from that way, so yea I know WOS and there high school tradition use to be, I hope they get that Mojo back like from years, years back there use to be one of the teams that stood out and was use to be a high power offense back then, DNT know how they been recent but I knew how they were back then.
  3. Yea it would a pretty long thread lol I know few WOS fans up that way would be on the thread alot, win or lose.
  4. Center looks good on offensive but they have had a tough schedule plus Van looks good as well, so I say van wins in a close game and Center rebounds on maybe next few games.
  5. This game will be a great game, both teams will bring it, good luck to both teams and pray no injuries and drive safe, I may go to this game.
  6. Henderson dnt play Athens this week, Athens plays Chapel Hill this week, I forgot about Henderson had a bi week, just been home sick at mement to go to any games so far but I'll be okay soon to go to the games.
  7. Yea Palestine vs Kilgore the most competitive game.
  8. Yea Chapel Hill seems to be competitive same as Kilgore and Henderson.
  9. I say the same thing due to non District schedule teams they played but we see if they prove thereselves when District starts boiling down.
  10. I messed up on the thing and didn't realize that Henderson had a Bi week I did that and tried to delete it but didn't, that's my mistake, it didn't get deleted.
  11. Yes can't take Palis lightly well no team in this District.
  12. Oh okay so Chill did lose to Palestine, wasn't sure, I know one year Palestine beat Kilgore one year.
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