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  1. I wish Henderson had the same Defense as last year's with this years Offense, last year Henderson had a better Defense but no Offense, this year's good Offense but the Defense needs work.
  2. That running back Kilgore has I think he's name is Ryder but anyways that guys a monster at RB and He will carry Kilgore deep in the playoffs, he's very fast.When Kilgore played Chapel Hill, with the speed Chapel Hill has could not catch Ryder from Kilgore when's he's open and hits the holes real well.
  3. Couldnt say it better, who wants to be here and who wants to air up basketball early.
  4. I think Palestine maybe in the 3rd spot but dnt know, Mabank beat Palestine, this playoff spot is confusing to me.
  5. Yea that 4th place all three are fighting for, it will be tough for eachother no easy road even for the 4th place spot.
  6. Really that's funny, the issue really is on the defense side not the offense side, still funny.
  7. This game I said this before if Henderson plays there 4 quarters they be tough to beat, against Kilgore.... Henderson has to play no slacking in this game not even the first half, Kilgore is maybe district champs maybe when they play Lindale we see more clearly, but Henderson can pull a upset but we will have to see.Hendersons homecoming so they have alot on there minds, it's homecoming they got to win and put own a show for the home team in there minds and there playoffs they got to look at maybe win this or win all games thru out. Henderson should be up for this game, even tho Henderson is up against one of the best defense they have face besides Gilmer and Lindale,Kilgore is up there, it will be a good cat and dog matchup we see who prevails.
  8. Dnt know about now but there were a few very few maybe like 2 or 3 that look like they didn't play in the Palestine game and some looked injured but we will see by then.
  9. I don't know if Hendo plays flat like the Palestine game CH. Has the speed to do so.Hendo must jump on them and score early if not than it's basketball season, inspite the losses CH has had they still have alot of speed on Offense and some on Defense.
  10. True and seems like Henderson hasn't been playing with no sense of urgency like the games before, just like same of old before new coaches they seem to do well and at close end of season they seems to not play to there potential, seems like no Mather what type of coach comes in they seems to play like this towards the end make me think they dnt wont to go to the playoffs nor wonts to be here playing, some kids don't take it serious as the people watch does, I dnt know what to say now, it's a Maybe they make playoffs or not.
  11. The offense side coach did well just very poor coaching on the defense side of the ball, that's what's killing Henderson is the defense side.
  12. Yea that running game were alright but the defense what stole the show.
  13. That's why I say Henderson should enjoy this year and next year whatever place in district they get cause when the QB grad. And he's brother then dnt know if Henderson football program is going go down or what since the kids not haveing to take it seriously nor no one being developed right that's all I have to say, if DNT believe me look at the JV and Freshman record well JV loseing every game so far, Freshman hanging in there alittle what that tells you.
  14. True but invest mostly with Varsity and not trying develop nor build the kids confident up to even take football serious plays the part of it, the kid I spoke with that's on JV says the kids on Freshman and Jv team don't take football serious that came from he's mouth, nothing bad the new coaches are pretty good it just Freshman and Jv needs attending to also to have a good football program.
  15. A kid that plays on there he just told me the JV lost 24-6
  16. Figures. Henderson JV not good and lost every game so far just put a L. On this game it's all depending on Varsity to win, seems like Henderson put all there heart on varsity instead of helping develop the freshman and jvs it always been this way nothing changed.
  17. Henderson JV is not good I think they lost every game and the Freshman at first was looking like they would have a good team but we'll they be loseing also.
  18. Not at the first half but you be honest in the second half on the come back if there were more time left in the game Henderson could have tied it up and maybe would have won the game, 28 - 21 seems pretty close to me and other people,yea it wasn't back and forth I guess they didn't see the game but it's whatever it was close at the end.
  19. I like he's line up better if there's a three way tie.
  20. I would go to the Lindale/Kilgore game to see how they match up. I know the second half when Henderson played Lindale that Henderson I know and the Henderson we been seeing recent, that first half with the mistake and QB fumble twice and Lindale capitalize on that was the good defense and Henderson not good blocking up front, it showed. The QB never had time to get nothing off the first half, to be honest in this district anything can happen once pressure on any QB and make the QB uncomfortable and confused.
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