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  1. Let’s not kid ourselves here guys; the great Mike Thomas was the Kirbyville OC under the great Mike Heckathorn back in the day. Look for Thomas to to resurrect his stellar career there in K town. With his keen eye he will dissect defenses with unbelievable precision and bring Kirbyville back to respectability in southeast Texas. From what I’ve been hearing this is pretty much a done deal pending Thomas’ ability to find some pasture land for his Brangus cattle to eat tasty range pellets.
  2. Mike Thomas has 200 head of Brangus on a 100 acre spread out in Pattonville. He was spotted distributing salt cubes just the other day. Don’t be surprised if he lands this coveted gig.
  3. Next victim! That right there is funny!
  4. Nacogdoches asst Vincent Chatman was seen on campus last week. He was at Center several years back and has strong ties to the area
  5. Gotta get some of those basketball only stallions out of Merit Bland to come over, get on the gridiron and get things rolling out in the Ridge
  6. Look for the great Mike Thomas to come out of retirement off of his farm in Lilbert to take the Dragons to the promised land
  7. That’s a helluva salary!
  8. I’m certainly no expert, but it always seems like administration is the place for guys that can’t coach; I mean obviously a good pay raise is reason for the move(s) to admin, but more often than not admin is a place for coaches that can’t hack it on the gridiron
  9. Who’s going to have thick enough skin to work for that supt? He’s the supt of a small school in central Texas but acts like he’s king of the world. He might be a decent supt, but he had a dazzling 8-32 record as a head football coach (if that means anything)
  10. Smart, well fed, well rested, well conditioned players that play with a chip on their shoulder and have unlimited resources are very hard to beat
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