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  1. Coach Cloudy will be moving across the river where he will be taking over the Timpson bears HBC/ assistant A.D. this coming up year. Congratulations.
  2. Brandon Alvarez, 33, has been named the new Athletic Director/head football coach at Garrison High School, the GISD Board voted Thursday. He comes from Class 6A Copperas Cove High School, where he served as offensive coordinator the past two seasons. I'll be posting a complete story on DailySentinel.com later tonight and it will be in Friday's print edition.
  3. The school board has voted the new Garrison A.D. and athletic director is Brandon Alvarez from coppers cove!!
  4. The wing T could be coming to garrison with the OC From Coppers cove should be voted in today
  5. can’t wait to see the turf that the bears are getting over there in Timpson
  6. That’s what the rumors are at the coffee shop in Garrison. Heard the board was Voting Thursday
  7. I heard a name called Alverez is an OC in central Texas or somewhere
  8. Who knows!! I think it might be a old coach from Garrison went central Texas to coach and now is a OC! Hmmmm
  9. I’m heard a bird say a couple of names Tabor Westbrook for one Used to coach at garrison now at newton! And 4A OC IN East Texas...
  10. Heard garrison got hmmm in Tenaha.. Helped out my three in strips!
  11. Softball pays these same! And your done with a softball game before BasebAll gets Done even warming up! 12 years calling softball! BASEBALL IS SO SLOW!! II TRIEQD Called both one year. Nope nope nope! Pays the SAME DO SOFTBALL!!
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