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  1. I second this, this group of boys have been together before little dribblers even started up for them. So fun to watch. Not a single selfish player on the team. All of the starters score about the same amount, not one that just sticks out. Just good team basketball. And coach strong has got to be one of the best in the state.
  2. I got Groveton vs SA in region championship. Groveton is so good offensively. And aren’t too bad defensively and their best defensive player i Heard did even play tonight, the Chavez kid. Big Sandy had a lot of success late when getting in spread and throwing the ball, not sure why they didn’t do that more often. Hats off to groveton! Congrats reddog92! And also thanks for not making this thread a shaming thread the whole week, like others. Y’all go take care of Joaquin.
  3. Well it’s game time! Good luck reddog92! Groveton is the clear favorite, but I think Big sandy’s tough nosed kids should make it interesting for atleast a little while. One thing for sure, the kids will do anything for Coach Minter. You can tell he has the respect from the kids. And the energy he coaches with is crazyyyy. Good luck!
  4. I’m not real sure on the record, but as far as population Big Sandy ain’t growing man! Probably getting smaller!
  5. It looks like it man, sadly, 11 pages and counting to 2
  6. I’ve got SA, Carlisle, Alto, and Big Sandy advancing. I gotta be the homer with the pick BS over Groveton!
  7. My final thoughts on this game are that Big Sandy was just way too fast and more physical than Centerville. Big Sandy’s coaching staff coached with more energy and excitement than ever. Centerville is a good team, but their district was weak, besides Leon. Centervilles kids acted disinterested after BS went up 26-8 and then the Minter kid got the interception on 4th and goal on the 2 right before half to keep the score from being 26-16 at half after that Big Sandy was pretty comfortable the rest of the game besides maybe 1 minute of the entire game. This game really wasn’t as close as the scor
  8. From what I’ve seen, I dont think groveton can hang with Alto. Altos d-line and linebackers will get to grovetons qb before he has time to go through his progressions. But groveton has to beat BS before that. And alto has to beat Joaquin. I think Alto will handle Joaquin. Groveton should win vs BS but you never know what BS team you’ll get you might get one that can route Groveton by a couple tuddy’s. You just never know with them.
  9. I don’t doubt Garrison will compete for the region at all man! Strong football tradition and tough kids!
  10. Lol lol who else besides Big sandy last year has gotten y’all to stop playing the band? Do you remember last year Big sandy coach stopped the game and went and talked to the refs and the final result was Alto band had to stop playing
  11. lmaooooo when that game was over our kids came off of the field saying “yessss we”re playing white kids from Grove next week”
  12. I’m big time Big Sandy fan but you’re right, Groveton is suppose to win this game, from what I’ve heard Groveton’s offense is explosive as all get out. But then again you just never know what Big Sandy Team you might get y’all might get one that y’all can beat by 80 or y’all might get one that could beat y’all by a couple TD’s just a crazy team like that. Groveton is suppose to win this game no doubt. But these are teenagers and you gotta play the actual game not just off of predictions. These are just my thoughts. Pulling for BS tho.
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