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  1. Not sure what this has to do with what we are going through. By all means though, let’s blame this on Obama too.
  2. Big Red Fan is smiling and probably complaining about Pinnell.
  3. Prayers for her family.
  4. Lord have mercy Natureboy. I can’t tell if your mad on is with Mt. Vernon, Briles or religion. I think you need a revival.
  5. Yeah, ATL won that championship without any move ins.
  6. Nice find linebacker. Do they have anything special planned for the 100 year Anniversary? You must assume that a lot of Texas schools are inching up on that same mark.
  7. According to that notice that I have no idea how to cut and paste, the Tigers will vote on their man Friday night. Any ideas?
  8. It’s ok. No need to yell. So, do tell us what you know about this Red Raider alum, ma’am.
  9. Let’s see, a female that loves sports, Winnsboro and message boards? Ring a bell with any of you old guys here?
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