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  1. Well your Paris Wildcats are going out of state to play their first game at Arkansas High (Texarkana)!!
  2. This is hilarious I know of three or four kids got accepted because they are good football players nothing to do with grades or anything else! Nobody is gonna believe this! It's all about football that's it period!!
  3. I heard from a TH fan they turned in six less students than what they had last year!
  4. I heard they have six kids less than last year from a TH supporter!!
  5. The problem is that TH is playing schools that are just as big in enrollment! Playing all them small schools in non district does not get them ready for district play.
  6. Dont believe a LE kid because he is going to say LaVega started the fight ! Ask a LaVega kid he is going to say LE started the fight!
  7. Hey I dont even know this guy but it is a free country! If you dont like what he is saying dont respond!! You have said some crazy things on here too so let it go. I dont agree with him about Wright because I know him well a very good guy! Just sit back and let him keep on rambling.
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