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  1. Of course I am lol. Ill be dragging my crew and all the cowbells this week. Go watch the JV and Freshman tomorrow to help my anxiousness. Gotta love it.
  2. You and me both!! Been waiting for this game all year.
  3. Just for grins DCTF has Carthage as a 9 point favorite for this game. Last time the Bux played in Carthage 2019 the Dawgs won 24 to 15. With lots of unknowns this year I'm thinking it could be very well another similar game. I don't believe either team will run away with it.
  4. Win or Lose I just want to see 4 quarters of all out football. We will see who's heart is in this. I would love to see us pull this one off, but if we get out played/coached so be it. I just don't want to see anyone give up. Lots of hype for this game everyone just needs to stay focused and do their job.
  5. You have to hand it to Lindale. They played hard no matter what. Capitalized off the Bux mistakes like your suppose to do. Lindale has a good team and will be fine. Gilmer shined at times and looked bad at other. Special team play by Gilmer was bad bad tonight. Penalties are starting to get out of had again. Great to be aggressive but you can't lose control of it. We needed this game being played with Lindale. Everyone of those players/coaches should have learned something about each other that will help down the road.
  6. Yeah this about what I'm thinking as well. Too many weapons on our end. We got lots of talent that is playing very well. I think this will be a better game, but we should still win comfortably.
  7. After watching Lindale game vs Van. Eagles sure like to favor receivers in the flats. QB has the arm to go deep with several nice receivers to target and TE that gets a lot of touches. RB positions are decent just seem to lack the explosiveness. Defense really had a hard time with Van's QB scrambling abilities. With that being said BT could very well have a real nice night if turned loose. I think this will be a good game with the Bux coming out with a W. Friday can't get here fast enough.
  8. You never know...Only got to see the Freshan and JV during the scrimmages. Freshman team looked like they needed some work, but the JV didn't look bad. Probably won't see any of the underclass this year. I'll be at the 7/8th and Varsity games. Like to keep up with everyone lol...
  9. It's Game Day Buckeyes! Watched the 8th grade game last night and there are some Atheletes coming down the pipeline. Good Win Anyone know the scores for the Freshman and JV?
  10. I'm going with Lindale as well. I was at the PT LE game and just not impressed with PT. LE really struggled in that game so a shutout just was not that impressive. LE has a lot of things to work out. PT turned the ball over several times. They do have a decent RB small but can move.
  11. I think the Buckeyes will win comfortably. Just watching highlights on Henderson vs Hallsville doesn't look like too much defense was played by either team. Have not seen the whole game yet though. Gilmer play calling was pretty basic last week. I would think we would open it up a little more. We should have all the D playing 4 quarters this week too.
  12. I like watching Haynes. His runs are more thought out. He is very patient waiting on the blockers and plays to develope. Just a smooth runner. But I also like watching Jackson run the ball. He is quick on his feet no doubt. Too many good players to name them all. This group has lots of potential.
  13. PT 6 LE 0 Half time
  14. Dude I kind of felt sorry for you fellas in that sun last night. It was hot in the shade, but I'm glad it was yall and not me lol.
  15. This game wasn't what I was thinking it was going to be for sure. Seen some new players. I was hoping it would have been a little more electric. Turnovers were a buzz killer. Seen lots of things that I liked and looked promising. Still a lot to work on too, but it's just game 1. GW has potential to make some noise this year. Pick a QB1 though. Get as many reps in as possible. Not a fan of rotating qbs. DJ and Lewis are good, but they need to rested more. Yall gonna burn them down. Figure out a way to open up the run game somehow to give some relief. If BIG boy could catch yall would have
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