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  1. Pulling for our District LE in this game. It will be a tough game for them though. Hope for them to pull it out. Good Luck
  2. Gonna be pulling for our District Mates. SH just needs to take care of the ball. I would love to see a clean sweep for our district. Just need to play a clean game and get some stops on D.
  3. It was just an awesome game to watch. They never gave up and played hard all night. So glad they were able to walk away with the W. I was glad to see our O Line hold up long enough to make some plays open up. Good Perfect Effort put in by the Buckeyes on both sides of the ball. A little more polishing in the playoffs and they will even be more deadly.
  4. Its Finally Game Day Buckeyes!! This game is what everyone has been working for all year. District title and bragging rights against the defending SC. Play hard, play physical, play smart, and play with Heart. Good Luck my friends! Safe travels to everyone traveling to the games tonight. See yall at the game. GO BUX!!!
  5. SH easy. This is a no contest sadly. Basically a glorified scrimmage between the 2. Work on what you can and get the reps that you need. NL plays hard even when they are down by a lot, but they are way outgunned by everyone this year. We did get some entertainment from their band at half time. It was a hoot lol...Really not a whole lot to say. Get out healthy and root for LE to win on Friday.
  6. Yeah our run game has lacked this year for sure. We have our moments of shine, but overall just highs and lows. If our O Line can step it up this week would help us a lot. We need to give BT a little more time to make something happen or make some holes so we can get into space. We need our O to make some solid blocks. PG is still stacked on both lines and will be a tall order.
  7. I agree with this statement 100%. Question is what Team will show up. I am hoping we come out swinging and highly motivated. Big game with big lights. Hope our guys are focused and have a good game plan. We have to execute and minimize the mistakes on both sides of the ball. Anything can and will happen on a Friday Night.
  8. I'm going with SH this game. It's just not the Pirates year. SH just seems to be the more balanced out of the 2. Think it might be a closer game though and do not think either team would run away with it. We will see though.
  9. I dont understand it either bud. BT has some wheels but we are not using him that way much anymore. Not sure if the defense is more keyed on him to keep him from taking off with it. Offense did seem to me to run more smoothly when Hurt was out there last night. Hurts passes were good, but the receivers couldnt seem to hang on to the ball very well. Lots of dropped passes that should have been fairly easy. Way too many penalties still and most were unnecessary. Big run by 32 that ended in a fumble for lack of ball handling. Our O line needs to hold their blocks longer. Not giving our QBs hardly
  10. Its Game Day Buckeyes! My favorite day of the week is finally here. Play hard and leave it all on the field tonight fellas. Safe travels to everyone attending the games tonight. See yall there my friends. GO BUX!!!
  11. It's all good no worries here. My family is from that area and have plenty of ties there. Hawks have had some rough seasons over the years. Just glad to see them winning for a change. Forward progress is a great thing even if it's as slow as molasses lol.
  12. Going with the Hawks. I sure would like for them to have a perfect season and a deep playoff run. My home away from home.
  13. Already ready for this weeks game. Buckeyes gonna roll big this game at Home. LE losing more players is going to hurt them even more. Gilmer is clicking pretty good right now and will just overwhelm LE. I do expect more playing time for the 1s this game though.
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