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  1. On the 2020 Schedule Side of the screen. You never know whats going to happen on a Friday Night.
  2. Out of curiosity I just took a look at who DC has favor and the point spread for this game. They have Gilmer as a -1. Which is pretty decent who we are playing. I like the odds if we play a clean game. I'm just ready for Friday. Win/Lose I'll be there backing the Bux..
  3. I'm thinking this game will be 10 points either way. I would love for the Buckeyes to put together a complete game. Carthage being real limited on playing time will help in our favor just a little. It will also depend if we can keep the penalties in check and not turnover the ball. We might have gotten away with them these past few weeks, but Carthage will capitalize on those mistakes. We can't afford to do that in this game. We have the playmakers to make this game very interesting. I dont know much about this years Carthage team. I've watched the Kilgore game, but that is hard to judge
  4. Learned a lot about our current Buckeye team last night. Showed who had heart and drive. We might have been the downed dog, but we kept scratching with gameness. It was hard to think we were down 3 scores and not 100 percent sure we were going to overcome it. I'm proud to see the Buckeyes not give up. This will be a game we all remember. Carthage is next and they are the top dog right now. To be the best you have to beat the best. We need to start off strong and play our best game yet.
  5. Gilmer needs to get our First Half game going. The last 3 games have started off rough. Turnovers and penalties seem to hover over us still. This game was crazy forsure. I was looking for my blood pressure medicine at half time lol. I'm glad the Buckeyes fought back and overcome the deficient. Heck of a game that will make us stronger. #22 for Lindale is a beast though. Makes those runs look easy. Always had positive yards. Yall will be fine in 4A. Good luck next week. Now it's time for us to prepare for Carthage.
  6. This is one of the best well rounded teams we have seen in a minute. I'm there at every game through the good years and bad. I'm just excited on Game Days regardless. We have improved a lot and still need some work, but it's a good solid team. We will just get better as the season progresses too.
  7. Not just yet but I'll be there when they open lol...Cant help it
  8. Its Game Day Buckeyes!! Couldnt get here fast enough. Good luck tonight and leave it all out on the field and the rest will follow. Safe travels to all attending the games tonight. Go BUX!!!
  9. Sounds like a good kid. Hopefully he has a good game, but not a great game lol. I think Lindale will give us a closer game and help us prepare more for down the road and vise versa. Tomorrow seems to be taking it's time getting here. Ready to have a home game for once.
  10. I see those Buckeyes moved up a spot to #4 . Gotta keep pushing forward with momentum. First thing first we have to focus on this week. After that we have #1 & #2 to contest with soon.
  11. So tell me about this Baylor commit RB yall have. Looks to be a pretty good size fella. Been watching some highlights and watched the whole game from last week vs Van. Ready to see how our D does against a legit RB and if we are able to contain him. Hopefully we wont start off so rough and put together a complete game this week. Just ready for game day to get here.
  12. Gotta start them young around here. Those young kids look up to the superstars they see on Friday nights. I've spent lots of Saturday mornings watching these kids grow up playing. Little League Football is just as fun to watch. Buckeyes in the making.
  13. Good luck tonight Bears! Stay safe and put that ball in those playmakers hands.
  14. Its Game Day Buckeyes! Play Hard, Take Care of Business, and leave it all on the Field. No excuses! Stay safe to everyone traveling tonight. I'll be there rain or shine. Good Luck and GO BUX!!
  15. Definitely would love to see this early on in the season. We have the play makers to do it. Just have to handle business. Can't wait till we are clicking on all cylinders and have everyone back on the X & O's.
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