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  1. I'm going with SH this game. It's just not the Pirates year. SH just seems to be the more balanced out of the 2. Think it might be a closer game though and do not think either team would run away with it. We will see though.
  2. I dont understand it either bud. BT has some wheels but we are not using him that way much anymore. Not sure if the defense is more keyed on him to keep him from taking off with it. Offense did seem to me to run more smoothly when Hurt was out there last night. Hurts passes were good, but the receivers couldnt seem to hang on to the ball very well. Lots of dropped passes that should have been fairly easy. Way too many penalties still and most were unnecessary. Big run by 32 that ended in a fumble for lack of ball handling. Our O line needs to hold their blocks longer. Not giving our QBs hardly
  3. Its Game Day Buckeyes! My favorite day of the week is finally here. Play hard and leave it all on the field tonight fellas. Safe travels to everyone attending the games tonight. See yall there my friends. GO BUX!!!
  4. It's all good no worries here. My family is from that area and have plenty of ties there. Hawks have had some rough seasons over the years. Just glad to see them winning for a change. Forward progress is a great thing even if it's as slow as molasses lol.
  5. Going with the Hawks. I sure would like for them to have a perfect season and a deep playoff run. My home away from home.
  6. Already ready for this weeks game. Buckeyes gonna roll big this game at Home. LE losing more players is going to hurt them even more. Gilmer is clicking pretty good right now and will just overwhelm LE. I do expect more playing time for the 1s this game though.
  7. 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths lol had more playing time than the 1s lol. I know they were trying to keep us from running up the score more but we didn't have to come out all flat and manilla. Watching that slow pace second half was brutal. Every kid on that bench had playing time tonight. I do like seeing us kick a few field goals. You never know when that can be very critical part of the game.
  8. My favorite day of the week is finally here. Its Game Day Buckeyes! Time to show up and show out. Safe travels to everyone going to the games tonight. I'll see you there my friends. GO BUX!!
  9. Going with the Hawks. Glad to see they are doing well this year. Ive been keeping an eye on the games as usual. Last year wasn't a bad season, but this season everything looks to be clicking good. Gonna try and catch a game there sometime this year. Lived in that town for many years.
  10. I'm thinking SH in a close game. Just for the simple fact they look to be a more well rounded team right now. But if LE gets going on offense SH will have their hands full. Which teams show up mentally prepared and wants it more will determine the outcome of this game. Good luck to both teams and play hard.
  11. Carthage by about 4 TDs seems about the going rate lol..
  12. Lindale is a solid team and playing well on both sides of the ball. I just dont think Athens has anything for them.
  13. Yeah that seems about right....we will see if the second half is a little better...Defense has not been too bad...Penalties are killing us though..Still think SH will get 3rd in district.. LE is still struggling too much
  14. Tons of penalties every week...very sloppy for sure.. Keep wishing it would get cleaned up a bit..
  15. We definitely have some good kids coming down the pipeline. Which is great to see. So glad its Game Day! Been a long week and now time to watch some Buckeye Football!
  16. WOS is too much for Silsbee this year. It will be a blowout I'm afraid. Silsbee is lacking on offense and special teams for sure. Defense is decent though. WOS looks to be picking up were they left off last year.
  17. Not sleeping on PG at all. I was at last weeks game as well. The O line and D line are big and good. By the time we play each other both teams will be better. Main disadvantage is our size compared to PG. We just dont grow them like that lol. PG is a little inconsistent right now in a few areas. If they can get down the QB play they will be much better. Running all your main players both ways all game hurts them as well. After the game we talked with some PG people that have some concerns as well. PG is good but it's not the same team as the past couple of years. If we can keep it cl
  18. It's not just the SH games though. We have had a couple recent that almost ended badly because of under performing against teams. Some people already had the same mind set it's going to be a blowout...Well guess what it almost ended bad. My way of thinking is to never take your foot off the gas until you know it's safe. Gotta hit that nitrous off the line. Go into every game like it's your last shot. Show up and show out...Talk comes later...Respect Every Team in that moment.
  19. I highly doubt it. I think Pittsburg and North Lamar will be sitting this playoff season out. I'm thinking Gilmer Pleasant Grove Spring Hill LE In that order. At least I hope I'm right lol.
  20. Yes sir...if you can't beat em better join them lol...Good Luck
  21. Yes sir...This day and age its pretty easy. Not that hard to find tickets even with limited seats. You just need to do some research before hand and have a game plan. That dont work gotta reach out to folks. You should see all the PG folks at last weeks game lol...Scouting at its finest.
  22. I'll be there with a few others in tow. You will probably see a little Orange/Black mixed in that Red/White side. I'm just ready to see a good game this week between the two programs.
  23. This will be a test for both teams regardless of the outcome. Can't build off something if there is no foundation laid first. You wont get any better if you dont know what needs fixing. Hoping our defense plays well tonight and keeps this a close game. Need to keep those turnovers in check as well. I am so ready for kickoff to get here.
  24. Its Game Day Buckeyes!! Time to show up and show out..Play hard and leave it all on the field tonight. Protect Our House!! Good Luck and safe travels to everyone going to the game tonight.
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