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  1. I know. Such a bummer. I can’t even vote. Shame on me for upsetting little guys momma.
  2. Man it’s only Thursday and all you got is I’m a Biden/Harris supporter? You’re not too smart after all then. I could careless if pigskin was wrong about y’all 100 times in a row. It won’t change this game being a woodshedding, idk what it’ll take for you to understand that.
  3. Smoked winny when it really counted though
  4. Not underestimating by any means. From what I’ve heard the oak has tremendously improved and that’s even more impressive given how you guys had to start the season. My predictions are more so based on my confidence in this group of kids. I’ve never seen as much talent on one team from Gladewater and I’ve watched a lot of Gladewater football.
  5. DJ could’ve played last night if needed. Hearing he will be out for one more game but could be wrong about that. I don’t know the details on Gordon.
  6. You have a better chance at winning the lottery.
  7. Running the ball out of the spread is making Eligia much more deadly. His YPC has to be one of the higher number in the area
  8. WO ain’t put up 40 all year on sub par teams lmao. GW will put up as many as we want. & since things have been switched around on D, we are pretty salty there as well.
  9. We could line up and not throw one pass and beat white oak with ease. 100% facts
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