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  1. I'm with you, but they literally have played no one up til saturday at 2 pm. LAH BADGERS about to roll them!
  2. It was a "tongue in cheek" comment bro. He listed the worst longview area teams. No one said anything about Coach King!
  3. Ducking Carthage, Kilgore, Henderson, and Gilmer!!!!
  4. Celina didn't need to run it against Carthage.... It GOT ABUSED.
  5. DAWGS by as many as they want... typically get it to 42 and Domino. lil lions are trash.
  6. Kilgore rolls Pally and then gets rolled by the Big DAWGS.
  7. It's really simple. If your first district game falls on a Tuesday, then either your 1 or your 2 has to be your "Tuesday" starter. The other one is your Friday starter. If you don't care about match ups in tournaments, then you don't deviate from the plan. Plus it gets your 3 and 4 good work to prepare them for a playoff series. Tournament season isn't about who has the best. It's about who has the deepest, and trying to create depth. This Carthage vs Sweeney series is going to be a great one. Can Carthage's 1,2, & 3 stay hot? Can Carthage's offense continue to grind out at bats? Can Sween
  8. "Ejecto Seato cuz!" , but to Spring Hill????? YIKES!!
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