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  1. I got crockett. I think Westwood or Crockett may take the district.
  2. If Van can make drives and score, they can win this game. Which they should against Centers D. They got a couple of play makers. I think this game will be closer than what people will think.
  3. If anyone else talks about officiating you call us out on it, doesn't matter what game it is. Then you say this... just hope that won't be an excuse this week from you.
  4. I agree but that was actually the first school that I had seen pushing the issue. They were even saying it on the loud speaker. Don't know because it was a big game and everyone was coming to it.
  5. You walk into our stadium, and you see the sheriff's not having a mask on, so everyone else follows suit. I don't think anyone cares about the taped off seats. Everyone has been sitting wherever at any game I've been too. But Argyle did push the mask last week. First game that I actually wore a mask too or had on.
  6. Trying to make a game out that way this year.
  7. Been to a few different games. Argyle has been the best as far as mask goes but social distancing is the biggest issue for any school size. And I will say that Argyle has been the only school that I've seen that has marked the seating as well.
  8. That's no joke. Y'all got a tough district.
  9. Yeah, this years team looks and feels different this year. Feels more like a complete team. Last week on defense they moved a few players around and got some one way players on offense going in on defense. So hopefully it'll add to the depth in the secondary.
  10. Yep. I honestly think if the passing game gets going that will be a major advantage for you guys. What year is the qb in? Team speed WR has surprised me. I knew they had a couple of kids but overall not bad at all. The OC called some good plays too. They'll get it all figured out by playoffs. Not a shot at you guys but they'll probably make it 2 rounds maybe 3 deep, if everything gets going.
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