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  1. I didn't remember #5 but I thought #8 was pretty good backup to #22. He had a different style so it was hard to tackle him but if he had room to run, he was gone. Y'all ran a counter on two different series with both #22 & #8 and had some big yards. Think one was even a td if not both. Hate to see y'all being hit by the injury bug, hope it gets better.
  2. Who was the rb2 kid from the 18' season? I think he was a junior that year. He was decent and had some speed.
  3. Eustace Groesbeck Ford Koff Hillsboro Eustace really surprised me, they had a comeback win. They maybe in the hunt this year for a playoff spot
  4. Just messing with ya. Lol. Yes it does.
  5. We ain't crying or at least I'm not. Except the Karen's in koff. When our schedule was made and released, I was like damn that's a hard schedule. Each team that was on there except Pitt was a playoff team too. People are going to ### and complain about why teams don't drop or not. I'd rather have some what of a hard schedule. Take 18' both koff and GV weren't even ranked above 15th at the end of the season. It really doesn't matter. 09's rankings are one of the better one's, imo.
  6. That is true but he was talking about since 18'.
  7. We've been blessed with 2 back to back qbs at koff. Driskell is starting to come into his own now. His only down fall is his height but the kid makes up for heart and smarts.
  8. More than just a little wild. Ol'boy is gonna pop a vein one day.
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