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  1. GV's #72 is the anchor for you guys. #1 does add another dimension to the d line. GV d line is probably one of the best in the state for 3a. The middle and left sides are strong. The backers are decent and have speed. I would say the backers are GV weakness, imo. The secondary is good with #3 in there, if he's out, then it's a weak spot in the middle run/or pass. GV does have problems with really good mobile qbs and with them extending plays. GV will need to shut down #17 and #12 when we pass. #17's ability to make yac is phenomenal, as he is hard to take down but they need to watch #5 and #21
  2. Ours is doing good. I think it's their second year with the sports network.
  3. They had one injury the day of with their starting center. Imo, it didn't matter if he was in or not, koff was having their way. Defense stepped up big time. Imo, probably one of the biggest performances I've seen other than the Jeffy game back in 18'. I would say this is one of the best defensive performances koff has had. Held Potts under 200 yds total. Holding a offense a goose egg when they avg usually 40 points a game. Totally dominated it in both phases. We got to get PATs in order and two point conversations on track, that'll hurt us next week if we don't get fixed. Look for coach D to
  4. Both are good games. Good luck this week. You guys are a force this year!
  5. May want to tell him to give them a mic next time. lol. Couldn't hear a word they said between the people in the background and the camera man breathing.
  6. Tickets being sold at wacoisd.org online. Don't know if it's up yet or not.
  7. I think after last nights game and how we won, has a take on that. Normally when teams that face each other twice, they don't always win both games. Now with that said, yes GV has done that too us in one season but we also didn't help ourselves. Not trying to take anything from GV at all. I got a lot of respect for them and have congratulated them each time they have won but I really feel and think this team can beat them. You can probably ask the GV faithful too, they don't want this game yet, cause they know each time we have gotten closer to winning. Coach D hasn't forgotten either and he w
  8. I'd take both of them. It wouldn't matter to me. I do get what you are saying.
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