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  1. Tiger03lb

    UPDATE: Tatum hires Lufkin DC Jason Holman

    This whole district has gotten interesting with all of the changes this past month. I do think that Tatum will be more of a complete team with the newly hired HC and he'll get them where they need to be, athlete's alone will not get them where they are wanting to go, and it showed in the post season last season.
  2. Tiger03lb

    R.I.P. Coach W.T. Johnston

    Prayers for the Johnson family and Newton nation from Malakoff
  3. Tiger03lb

    UPDATE: Palestine hires Lance Angel

    Having any kids from Westwood will not up your chances at all in football. They may have 1 maybe 2 athletes a year but it takes a team to be great. The first part of what you are saying is spot on but I'll have to disagree on the last part.
  4. Tiger03lb

    8 3a d1 whats your predictions

    They got a good hire then! I haven't kepted up with hirings, just openings. Every game I seen last year, it seemed like he always called a good game. Are you guys closing in on HC yet?
  5. Tiger03lb

    8 3a d1 whats your predictions

    Did you guys lose your OC?
  6. Tiger03lb

    8 3a d1 whats your predictions

    Any GW fans did GW have any changes this offseason? Who do you think will get #1/#2 qb position this up coming season or will they share like the past season? It will be interesting to see how GW handles their offense. I think if they open the playbook up more, they could be a lot more dangerous. I know they lost a couple of good linemen and that wr. So that may dictate what they do. It'll be obvious that they'll feed Carter the ball. I like how that kid doesn't give up win, lose, or draw. He's a special athlete.
  7. Tiger03lb

    District 7-3A D1 2019 Predictions

    I agree. Just basing from what I remember from playing you guys. Still got some talent on those teams. Qb for both teams will be the main question.
  8. Tiger03lb

    Prayers for Franklin

    Prayers from Malakoff
  9. Tiger03lb

    8 3a d1 whats your predictions

    GW Tatum WR Mineola/sabine Sabine/mineola WO Winnsboro
  10. Tiger03lb

    My Way-To-Early 3A DI Top 25 Rankings

    1 lost at tiger stadium in the past 4 seasons. We will have to fill in at the o line and Lb but we got the players to fill them out.
  11. Tiger03lb

    My Way-To-Early 3A DI Top 25 Rankings

    Save the date Sept. 20th. Tiger stadium! Rematch! Game of the week!
  12. Tiger03lb

    District 7-3A D1 2019 Predictions

    This district will be interesting to watch. A lot of unknowns. Jefferson will have there speedy rb back but have lost a few key players. Atlanta is in the same boat in key positions but they have a good back and a couple of receivers I have no clue as to MV, on what they lost. This is my prediction without any studying Atlanta MV/Jefferson Jefferson/MV HS Hooks/redwater Redwater/hooks NB
  13. Tiger03lb

    Boys/Girls Basketball Scores

    Malakoff vs East Chambers Friday 730 pm at Midway high school in Hewitt
  14. Tiger03lb

    Boys/Girls Basketball Scores

    Malakoff 48 Grandview 47 Final Kaderrious Thomas makes 2 free throws with 8 seconds left to win the game
  15. Tiger03lb

    Boys/Girls Basketball Scores

    How are you guys looking? I haven't been able to keep up.