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  1. Malakoff 35 Lexington 32 final
  2. Could work out with Mexia if he does go and does a power running offense. They got a good rb and a decent line coming back. They're losing there stud qb. They had a decent team last year, so this should pull someone good.
  3. Malakoff defeated Whitney 58-51 Malakoff plays Lexington TBA
  4. So who are these new additions you keep on saying?
  5. You want some jalapenos with it too? Lol.
  6. I wasn't referring it to being an easy win. I know it won't be easy with the schedule they have. Just surprised to see PP, honestly.
  7. Should be good for PP. I'm surprised of the schedule of ATL. That's not a jab at PP either. I'm sure it'll be a good game. Maybe the past few years have gotten Atl to change up their schedule. I know it's been brutal for them.
  8. Dangerfield @ Atlanta 730 week 1
  9. Malakoff @ Grandview at 730 week 1
  10. Not bad at all. Avg 14 wins a season. They should be the leader in wins once they hit the decade mark.
  11. Yeah in region 1 they beat Wall and then they beat Mineola to face yoe. If I'm not right, then I'm high as hell right now.
  12. When was Brock ever in region 2? Looks like Brock and Wall are the cream of the crop in region 1 too me and region 1 is no slouch. Brock is as tough as advertised. They maybe a run first team but they make up for that in coaching and physical toughness. I've seen them play in person they are up there with region 2 and 3 teams.
  13. From my understanding, they still do have a few athletes there, this is coming from a coach who has coached against them last year.
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