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  1. Can't wait! Wish we were in one of those districts, it would make the season a lot less boring. We haven't had this easy of a district in years.
  2. It took everyone to stop it. Coaches and fans.
  3. First time I witnessed one like that in person tonight
  4. Mexia did that to us too last year. I believe one player from Mexia ended up getting ejected I believe. Same thing during the Teague game.
  5. The 2 players were at it the whole scrimmage. Guess he was getting mad cause Garrett was catching everything thrown at him.
  6. If they can get a line for Snead they will be okay or if Snead can break some tackles and get out in the open. Passing wasn't good, we had a int. He was forcing a lot of throws. They got a couple of good tackles on defense and with Snead at end but nothing else.
  7. 3-0 malakoff Ended early due to fight/brawl between both teams. Both coaches decided to call it. Started off with a 2 player scuffle and then both teams came in afterwards.
  8. I don't think SH was ready for that game and it showed. Cause when we played you guys it was like seeing a different team. Coach will have your team ready. He knows GW very well. It won't be a blow out but I could see it being closer than what people are thinking.
  9. I could honestly see Franklin, Diboll, or Crockett taking the DC this year. 1-3 with them at any order. They all seem to be even this year. This will be a fun year for this district imo. Franklin will be down a little but will reload. Diboll will be tougher this year. Crockett returns a lot on offense, if they get a defense this year watchout. They are my darkhorse for the region.
  10. When did you get a d line? Lol. Heard some good things about the qb spot this year. Still not sold on it.
  11. What's returning from last year on defense? I seemed to remember you guys having a good dl and lb
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