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  1. I don't know about last season, I wasn't able to make the scrimmage. We scrimmage them but it ended calling it short. The 19' season they had some talent, the time that I saw them play Diboll they were into the game until the 3rd, they abandoned the run and just started passing. Imo, they just need someone to bring it all together.
  2. Crockett has talent, it's just discipline. The school board, along with the sup. will have to get behind whomever they choose. Cause the town wants results but someone is gonna have to be real with them at some point.
  3. Doing fine. How's that search going? Saw that the isd is asking for opinions on the next AD/HC. You guys getting close?
  4. They do have the athletes there but they need the right person there to make this situation better. I doubt they'll get the person they want due to the pay scale. Imo, I could see a good OC or DC take a shot at it.
  5. He would be the right person for a lot of jobs right now. I'm not being over confident, just know what is reality.
  6. Not to the town of Crockett. Could be a barn burner if they don’t get the right person.
  7. Looks like Driskell is out
  8. Given that it's maxpreps, gives a little insight on where small schools in Texas rank up.
  9. I mean who wouldn't be happy to see old friends and family? Like koff hasn't had any good qbs in the last 8 years? Come on man, koff has just as much talent as Crockett if not better and he has a great staff that has stayed here. Imo, I don't see it.
  10. Crockett would have to pull out 6 figures if they wanted him to even consider. He's near 6 figures and that was 2 years ago.
  11. Guess you guys forget about those close games then
  12. If that makes you feel better
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