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  1. I honestly felt that both teams were too. If the playbook was a little bit more open, I think it could've gone either way
  2. Adams had a great year. He started out at DE at the beginning of the year. That was one of the best moves imo and moving Dalrymple from DT to DE.
  3. GW didn't have a good game vs koff, okay? They were having a heavy dose of carter and that FB most of the first half, basicly having there way with us, but we didn't let them score in the redzone. Still funny how that defense got/has been overlooked in 18'.
  4. I'm surprised they have us picked to win the district. I know that we'll be good but a lot of unknowns at key positions on both sides. Hopefully we'll make it into district in good health. We got a tough schedule Grace being the easiest, imo.
  5. Agreed. What's scary is the offense just got started at the end of the season. With Johnny back, you guys need to open the whole book up.
  6. Great poll 09. I honestly don't see koff being a top 5 team this year, 8-15 imo, unless we get some big shoes to fill in at lb, rb, de spots. Which we very well could. Brock imo, has the edge with returning almost everyone. GV faces the same personnel issues on both sides of the ball on filling in on positions, maybe a bit more on the d/o line. So it should be interesting to see what they bring up. We'll find out the first game when we play each other. That game against koff/GV will be evenly matched this up coming year. GW should be in the top 5 (3). With Johnny coming back and they just started opening up that playbook towards the end of the season and they could even be scarier, been saying this since 18'. I think Troy, EC, and Rockdale should be ranked higher. Pottsboro is a 5/10 ranked team, they'll be good but not like last year. All I know is region 2 is spout and is gonna be hard each round when playoff time comes.
  7. This is my order: 2016 L to Yoakum in semi final. One fumble change the course of that game in the 3rd, never came back from it. Really talented group of receivers and qb on that team. 2018 L to GV in state game. Really good game until the last few minutes of the game. Really good D that year that got over looked all year and got Carr back in the final few games. 2019 L to Pottsboro in 3rd round. Had a trio of backs that were able to hurt any defense, probably one of the best backfields in 3A imo, probably would've been even better if Carr had played last year.
  8. Thanks. Yeah. Been hearing that, can't wait. Coach has been doing good over there.
  9. Yep, I couldn't agree more. A lot of good moments in 16' for for both teams. You guys got your payback in 17', just straight up ran on us. Still can't believe we had a 3 way tie that year. Y'alls O-line 16' and 17' was a beast. 17' I think was the better one with that rb. What was his name? That kid was a beast. I'm glad that we are back in the same district again, should be fun.
  10. Imo, whomever wins out of region 2 will win it all. Too many tier 1 teams going at it. Just hope there will be enough in the tank to win it all. Region 3 could sneak up and take it if that comes true
  11. Malakoff and Kerens used to have a good rivalry. We haven't played in years. Teague and Malakoff is about the only one we got now. These two aren't compared to some of the others but Teague/koff have had some heated games before and best game being in 16', imo. One of the best I've seen in person for a 3a regular season game.
  12. You sound like someone I know. You related to anyone from koff? Kellyleak, I found your kinfolk
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