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  1. He's a good back for being a sophomore. Idk about being the best though.
  2. I know we have you guys scrimmage at Crockett.
  3. Malakoff 50 Grandview 48 final Malakoff vs Diboll on Friday the 6th at Waco Midway, game starts at 730
  4. Thanks. Maybe we'll see each other. They been winning in some close games the past few games.
  5. #### that the girls and boys games are at the same time. But says a lot that they are both playing.
  6. Malakoff vs Woodville @ 730 pm Feb. 28th,Friday at Waco midway Winner between this game and Franklin/Hitchcock will play Saturday at 1pm February 29th at Waco Midway
  7. Everyone knew it was going to be denied. What was the reason for the appeal? Were they trying to get out of region 2?
  8. Malakoff vs Whitney on Tuesday the 25th @ 630 pm in Ferris
  9. Malakoff vs Academy, Tuesday the 25th @8 pm in Centerville.
  10. This should be interesting now. Guess we shall see what they run.
  11. Oh I agree. That would be a huge shock to them. Lol.
  12. Malakoff 35 Lexington 32 final
  13. Could work out with Mexia if he does go and does a power running offense. They got a good rb and a decent line coming back. They're losing there stud qb. They had a decent team last year, so this should pull someone good.
  14. Malakoff defeated Whitney 58-51 Malakoff plays Lexington TBA
  15. So who are these new additions you keep on saying?
  16. You want some jalapenos with it too? Lol.
  17. I wasn't referring it to being an easy win. I know it won't be easy with the schedule they have. Just surprised to see PP, honestly.
  18. Should be good for PP. I'm surprised of the schedule of ATL. That's not a jab at PP either. I'm sure it'll be a good game. Maybe the past few years have gotten Atl to change up their schedule. I know it's been brutal for them.
  19. Dangerfield @ Atlanta 730 week 1
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