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  1. Tatum. Glad we did have to see the Tatum folk have to hide this week.
  2. They on strike too? Just tell them they don't have to have the shot.
  3. Don't forget Pitt fan too. Gotta support that HC.
  4. In the last two realignments with 4a schools dropping down to 3a. Not much of them have made any noise. GW/Atlanta has been the only teams to make it 4 rounds deep out of all of them.
  5. I agree with you. I haven't heard if he has yet or not but would like to see him go.
  6. Yes sir I am. That is Dk Rose, he is a senior. That kid loves to play and can hit to as you can tell. He's not the biggest but he makes up for it and yes, any DC/HC would love to have him. Actually, he not a bad rb. He got injured the game before so they were only playing on defense that game. The Pitt game got out of hand, imo. It was going both ways with dirty hits and trash talking honestly. At one point, you could tell they were targeting Dk. I didn't see what started the whole thing but the officials should've gotten the coaches together than the captains of each team. First time, I've seen that happen.
  7. There's a few teams that can beat them and match up good against them. The teams they faced just didn't have the depth or haven't been that good. McGill is a good back. Hard to bring down, makes/gets a lot of second attempt yards. If someone can stop McGill and make MV predictable, they can be beat.
  8. Had the same problem. I refresh the page and it went back to normal. I thought it was bad service at first. Lol
  9. Game will be at Teague at 730 on Friday night. Teague seems to be better this year than last. Just hope for a better game than last year from Teague.
  10. Don't worry about us. We barely making it over here. Haven't you heard we got a fire over here.
  11. I honestly don't have a clear favorite to win the region or who will make it to the region finals. Right now I'm thinking MV and Tatum as the top seeds on the top and bottom brackets if they hold out like they are right now. Then again you can't leave GV, GW, Koff, and Sabine out. You never know what you'll get with them and each team can take out whomever.
  12. GB FF Koff Is it the post season yet? Lol. Really hope UIL puts us in a better district this go around.
  13. I'm trying to understand how Bushland would be ahead at 11? Only team they really played was Brock and they got stomped. Still questioning LRA, EC, and Columbus being ahead of koff. I know we lost some games but it's not like we had an easy non district schedule. Look at each teams non district schedule and there's no comparison except for Brock.
  14. Looking like Fairfield may take the 3rd spot and it's a toss up on Eustace/Teague for the 4th. Either could take it. I'm thinking Eustace from what I've seen so far from both teams.
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