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  1. Yes but I could see any of these winning it. DF, Waskom, Ef, Newton. WR idk.
  2. Oh yeah, I fully expect to meet up with y'all in the playoffs again. Last year was a battle.
  3. I think y'all will come in focused after last week tho.
  4. I don't think Waskom will score 60. It'll probably be 40 or so to 0 at the half and the coaches will put it in park.
  5. Thanks, yalls win over us just keeps getting more impressive
  6. I'm thinking its like 40-7 at the half, then we can get the backups some work. That's why I said 54-21
  7. Lol naw yall just find good athletes and hire their parents as assistant coaches.
  8. Not surprised, cognitive reasoning is lacking up that way.
  9. If the tigers make it to play WASKOM in the playoffs I want you to come back to this post after they knock y'all out for the 2nd year in a row.
  10. Its Shiner, and Timpson is much better this year than last.
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