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  1. Awesome thank you got it ordered and set up!
  2. I don’t see it on NFHS.I bet it’s on YouTube like last weeks game maybe I’m wrong?
  3. Will this game be available to watch live?
  4. I don’t think Argyles offense is any less explosive how about maybe Celina just has a really really good defense!?
  5. Safety Argyle felt bad for them so they wanted to gift them some points!
  6. Argyle jv 66 Dallas cowboys 2
  7. Actually I take that back not one team in 4A D1 will challenge Argyle the rest of season!
  8. Argyle 55 Waco LV 12 If argyle stays healthy the only team that could possibly push them is Austin LBJ!
  9. They will still be 4A D2 For one more cycle
  10. Celina will stay 4A D2 One more cycle.
  11. Not a hater just watch the film.Gilmer has great athletes but the bobcats are superior on the defensive and offensive lines.
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