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  1. Looks like people are still sleeping on China Spring so I'll pick them again.
  2. Game is in Bastrop, but sure how the ticket situation is unfolding. If you can't get one, I think Texan Live is streaming it and @portlavacawave will stream it.
  3. That's a lot of confidence right there. La Vega hasn't lost a game by 17 points since November 14, 2014. Anything is possible though. Props to WOS, they are a storied program and I'm excited for this game...win or lose.
  4. I saw this announced on Facebook a couple of days ago. Time, date and place TBD but it's the Week 3 game. Who are you going with? I'm not familiar at all with Calallen, but I will take the Pirates.
  5. I believe Lorena is able to play now since McLennan County rescinded their order. Is this correct?
  6. Is she C. Wood from Winnsboro/Mineola, by any chance?
  7. Carthage rolls big time if they can cover the deep pass.
  8. 24 more hours, folks. If you're coming from DFW and want to take a scenic route to avoid the I35 cluster, take 22 out of Hillsboro through Whitney and over the Whitney dam. At the blinking yellow light in Laguna Park (just after the Whitney dam), turn left on FM56 and drive for about 4 miles, then turn left at the FM2490 (Wortham Bend) blinking light. This will take you straight into Valley Mills/China Spring and will dead end on China Spring Road after about 20 miles, plus you might see some champion Longhorns on the RC Granger Ranch if you're lucky. Take a left at the green light by
  9. Great job, Gilmer. I will eat my crow now. Great season, Cadets.
  10. These two teams square off yet again at McLane Stadium in Waco. I will update the post when I get time and date. Who you picking? I'm sticking with LV.
  11. I can't see Brownwood keeping up with Argyle, but I've been wrong before. Argyle by 14+
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