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  1. Thoughts and Prayers for the family and Carthage community going up from chapel hill community
  2. The dawgs will show up to play. Win or lose they will bring it on every play start to finish.
  3. I I agree. How every the district plays out the DOD is the strongest district in the state. Every team in this district are better this. Chapel Hill starting to believe they compete. Coach Rio has done a great job of teaching our players how to be respectful, team players and hard nosed players.
  4. PG is classy program and well coached. Would love to play a team like every preseason. CH will have their hands full in this game. But CH will play hard from start to finish. I have to give the edge to PG.
  5. Thoughts and Prayers for the family going up from Chapel Hill.
  6. CH looked good against a team which we were a 31 point underdog. Crandell will win there share of games this year. I was told that both of their defense ends have several D1 offers, OL and OL had good size and speed. QB seemed to have good arm but spent most of the night on his back. Will be anxious to see what happens in the rest of preseason.
  7. This new coaching staff has brought a whole new attitude back to CH. If these players can stay healthy till we start district play they are going to a team you better not take for granted.
  8. I agree CH preseason is about as tough as anyone has.
  9. Hate I had to miss this. From what I have heard Jasper was big and fast. But the dawgs played with them. The hard work this summer seems to be working.
  10. Classy Coach for sure and his team reflect that class. We played them in pre-season last year. Our quarterback told me that their DE plowed him several times and every time the DE told him he was sorry and helped pick him up. Very classy act by that young man.
  11. Congrats Smokey. A lot has happened since you were here in Tyler. Your talk show here and your broadcast of the 1989 CH State Champion run.
  12. Griffin is playing at RB. That’s where plays on 7/7. We have our spring game Wednesday and playing RB in that one.
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