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  1. Houston needs to realize that Bill time at head coach for the Texans is done. He has still failed to fix the o line situation. QB’s still running for their lives. Dumb play calling. 4th and inches u kick field goal but 4th and 3 on your side of the field you run.!!! Please
  2. Pretty much watching the BIGGEST meltdown ever! Love my Texans , but DAMN they make it hard for anyone to ride with them.
  3. Congratulations Rams! Y’all did what you had to do to pull it out. This will be a hard one to swallow for all us Alto fans.
  4. Definitely! Well said oldschool! Haven’t seen you on here in a while. The D is the key for this team and the other successful team we’ve had
  5. @Tiger03lb what good hands would that be?
  6. And Crockett should be kicking themselves in the butt , every time they think about not hiring Jamie Driskell when they had a chance.
  7. Hate it calling for a lot of rain.! Could effect game. Would not want that to happen with all this thrash talk.
  8. Jackets keep getting stronger! Keep up the hard work! I’m loving the way the DEFENSE is playing right now! DEFENSE is going to be the main key deeper into the playoffs
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