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  1. Small chance i here #5. Returns very small but hope
  2. Word is #5 for Gilmer could be back this week. Has been running and working out
  3. Does rebound with a big win on Senior night?
  4. Gilmer was 4-6 last year and blew Undefeated Sunnyvale first round last year. They play no one
  5. Good game PG. gilmer clean up turnovers
  6. All I here is how good PG defensive line is. Well Gilmer has a pretty good one also!!!! I expect a lot of pressure on PG quarterback as well
  7. Well here is the one a lot of people have been looking forward to. Can Gilmer score on the P G defense and can Gilmer slow down the PG offense
  8. You definitely can’t take Spring Hill for granted. Good athletes and great coaches
  9. I do think Spring Hill has a good quarterback and receivers but can their o line protect against Gilmer’s d line?
  10. Will the Gilmer defense be able to stop Spring Hill’s offense ?
  11. Will the Buckeyes get the offense going this week?
  12. Buckeyes defense is much improved. We must get a better start and quit getting in a hole early!!!! If we can do that I believe we can win
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